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Kurdistan government: ready to cooperate with Al-Kazemi to solve all outstanding issues

Al-Akhbariyah : A spokesman for the Kurdistan Regional Government, Gottiar Adel, confirmed today, Sunday, that the Kurdistan Regional Government is ready to cooperate with Baghdad to resolve the outstanding issues according to the constitution.

“From the beginning, we went to Baghdad at the beginning of the cabinet formation, and there are good understandings and good intentions regarding reaching an agreement,” Adel told a news conference, adding that “there was a framework of mutual understanding between the two parties under the Adel Abdul Mahdi government.”

He explained that “now in the government of Mustafa Al-Kazemi, we look forward to having good understandings from him,” noting that “the Kurdistan Regional Government is ready to agree with the central government regarding outstanding issues, including the budget, but within the framework of the constitution and constitutional rights of the Kurdistan Regional Government and its citizens.” Source