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Haider Al-Mulla: No sane person in Iraq accepts the departure of the Americans at the present time

Former representative Haider Al-Mulla affirmed on Wednesday that the US withdrawal from Iraq is not possible at the present time, noting that the United States of America considers Iraq the most important repelling line in the Middle East against Iranian expansion.

Al-Mulla said in a statement followed by “Al-Ikhbaria”, that “the American presence in Iraq is an American national interest first to fight ISIS and the armed groups that threaten its presence in the region.”

He added, “The American presence in Iraq came to fight Iran, the revolution and regional powers in Syria, Lebanon and other regions.”

He explained that “there is no sane person in Iraq who accepts or imagines an American withdrawal or the international coalition from Iraq,” noting that “the Iraqi army is not equipped with adequate equipment to protect sovereignty or terrorist attacks and it does not have a communications system or wheels to pursue terrorist elements in the desert.” Source