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Ministry of Finance: There is no budget for the current year and 2021 will witness the formulation of an integrated economic plan

The Parliamentary Finance Committee revealed today, Sunday, that there is no budget for the current year, indicating that the government is working to provide salaries, while it will depend on increasing revenues and not relying on selling oil.

Member of the Committee, MP Haneen Al-Qaddou said that “Finance Minister Ali Abdul-Amir Allawi has informed us that there is no budget in the current year and that the government will work in accordance with the law on state administration.”

He added that “the government will provide the salaries of employees during the next five months by borrowing and reducing public overheads, as well as seeking to increase revenues.”

Al-Kiddu pointed out that “the Minister of Finance stressed the possibility of formulating an integrated economic plan during the budget of 2021 in order to provide salaries for employees and retirees and reduce dependence on oil in the budget.” Continuous. ”

The Speaker of the Parliament, Muhammad al-Halbousi, had asked the government to send the semi-annual general budget to parliament for discussion and approval, warning of an economic catastrophe unless proper standards were set for disbursement. Source