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Al-Kazemi directs the implementation of the demands of peaceful demonstrators, according to the available capabilities

The Council of Ministers held its regular session, today, Tuesday, headed by the Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, and issued several new decisions, including the adoption of a half-year degree, a final degree of success in the general exams for the third intermediate class students for the academic year, while Al-Kazemi directed the implementation of the demands of peaceful demonstrators in accordance with the capabilities Available.

A statement of Al-Kazemi’s office said, “Al-Ikhbaria” received a copy of it today, that “the Prime Minister pointed to the challenges facing the country in light of the Corona pandemic, and the efforts made by the government to surround the disease risk and reduce as much as possible the incidence of the disease, and provide all support and support to health institutions And medical staff. ”

Al-Kazemi called, according to the statement, “citizens to adhere to the decisions of the Supreme Committee for Health and Safety, and the application of prevention rules to preserve their safety and health security for society.”

The meeting continued, “The meeting discussed the situation of electric power, as Al-Kazemi directed the Ministry of Electricity to mobilize efforts and work around the clock to provide the best equipment for citizens during the summer, and to expedite the treatment of problems that arise in the electricity system.”

He added that “the cabinet discussed peaceful demonstrations that include several demands, and Al-Kazimi instructed the ministries to listen to their demands and implement what they could, according to the available capabilities and the great challenges facing the country.”

He pointed out that “the meeting discussed the investment reality in Iraq and work in earnest to improve the investment environment, stimulate investment and facilitate its procedures, in order to develop and advance the Iraqi economy, so as to enable the state to face the current economic challenges.”

He said, “The Minister of Health and Environment reviewed the developments of the work of the Committee to Promote Governmental Actions in the areas of prevention, health control, and awareness regarding limiting the spread of Corona virus, which is formed according to Diwaniya Order No. (217) for the year 2020.”

He noted that “the council discussed the issues and topics included in the agenda and issued a number of decisions regarding them, including agreeing to provide the necessary facilities for the completion of hospitals in the provinces of Dhi Qar and Maysan and giving the Minister of Health and Environment the authority to take appropriate measures on everything related to the Corona virus, and to consider that from federal affairs And within the state’s general policy and discussion of a project to establish a general hospital for the armed forces in the capital, Baghdad, with a capacity of (400) beds, and it was agreed to complete it. ”

He continued, “Among the decisions is to adopt a half-year degree as a final score for passing the general exams for the third intermediate class students for the current academic year 2019-2020, and allowing those who fail to perform the second round exams in all subjects that they failed, as well as for students who have failed and completed to perform an open exam in the subjects.” Scheduled by ministerial examinations within three weeks through instructions issued by the Ministry of Education urgently, and schools put open exam questions from systematic books. Source