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An American adviser: We will support Al-Kazemi, air and intelligence, in any war against militias  

Former Military Adviser to the US Department of State for Middle East Affairs, Colonel Abbas Dahuk, confirmed on Saturday that Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi has shown his seriousness in confronting any armed elements who stand against the state’s authority, indicating that the United States is ready to support Al-Kazemi air and intelligence in any war he leads against militias and elements Outlaw.

And Dahuk said in a statement followed by “Al-Ikhbaria”, that “the move that Mustafa Al-Kazimi’s government recently made during the session is unprecedented and it is courageous to control the rogue elements and out of law.”

He added, “The United States supports all Iraqi moves to establish authority and law and prevent any armed gangs in Iraq with any available possibility.”

“Iraq is an ally of the United States and America has forces working to train the anti-terror agency that carried out the raid against the outlaw elements, and we are ready to support these intelligence and air movements,” Dahuk said.

The Anti-Terrorism Agency arrested 14 members of the Katyusha cells in a surprise raid yesterday, after which it became clear that they were intending to target the Green Zone, as they had possession of launchers and several missiles, and they were brought in to investigate one of the crowd’s security headquarters. Source