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Parliament session next week amid tight health measures and demands for “restoring prestige” to the legislative authority

The House of Representatives will hold a regular session next week, amid strict health measures, while the gathering of 100 signatures of parliamentarians has been revealed, demanding that the parliament sessions be “regular and without long delays” so that the legislative authority will return to its prestige.

The deputy for the victory coalition, Nada Shaker Jawdat, told Al-Akhbariya that, “It is likely that the House of Representatives will hold its expected session next week amid strict health measures in anticipation of infection with the Coronavirus.”

She added that “holding Parliament sessions has become an urgent necessity amid government calls for early elections,” indicating that “legal amendments related to the elections will be discussed, as well as discussing the government’s performance and activating the work of the House of Representatives during the coming period.”

Jawdat indicated that “there are more than 100 parliamentary signatures to hold the next sessions regularly and without any delay, to restore the prestige of the legislative authority,” as she said.

Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi had set June 6, 2021, as the date for early elections, while the Speaker of Parliament called for earlier elections and the parliament to be dissolved in accordance with the constitution. Source