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Governor of the Central Bank of Parliament: Despite all the circumstances and pressures, we kept the exchange rate

The governor of the Central Bank of Iraq Ali al-Alak, on Monday, that all the public balances of Iraq has not supported the Iraqi industries, while pointed out that the bank and despite all the circumstances maintained the exchange rate.

Al-Alak said during his meeting in the House of Representatives in its 13th session held today in the presence of 234 deputies that ‘the central bank balanced between the financial options and managed despite the pressure and impossible goals to maintain the exchange rate of the dinar against other currencies, including the dollar’.

He added that ‘ all the public balances of Iraq has been free of support for Iraqi industries’.

The most important points for discussion with the Governor of the Central Bank is the building of the Central Bank and put the name of the governor on the Iraqi currency and its causes and repercussions and currency and what is raised around it. Source