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Abadi: The Islamic call to cancel the post of Maliki in the party

The former prime minister and head of the political council of the Islamic Dawa Party, Haidar al-Abadi, revealed on Sunday that he had submitted a proposal to his party to cancel the post of secretary-general of the party and replace all his leaders.

Abadi said in a televised statement followed by ‘news’   ‘Made a proposal during the meeting of the Islamic Dawa Party on the abolition of the post of Secretary General of the party and the replacement of all current leaders’.

He added that ‘the post of Secretary-General has caused several problems over the past period and the party to rethink and replace all of its leaders with young personalities new’, indicating that ‘I do not intend to run for any leadership position in the party in the case of choosing a new leadership’.

The past period has witnessed a deep political dispute between Abadi and the party’s general secretary, Nuri al-Maliki, over competing for the leadership of the party and the electoral bloc that participated in the last elections, which led to the division of the party into two rival blocs. Source