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Abdul-Mahdi calls for an end to the caretaker government as soon as possible

Today, Sunday, resigned Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi called for the termination of the caretaker government as soon as possible.

Abdel Mahdi said, at the end of his speech to the House of Representatives, on the current situation: “I call for the termination of the caretaker government as soon as possible and the formation of a new government.”

Abdul-Mahdi recommended that parliament go to end the presence of foreign forces in Iraq.

And Abdul-Mahdi stressed: “We ask Parliament to study all the consequences before taking any decision regarding the American presence,” noting that “it is in the interest of both countries to end the military presence in Iraq.”

He added: Iraq is facing an urgent end to the troop presence or a timetable to end its presence, noting that “the conflict increased between the priorities of Iraq and Washington, which undermined confidence between the two parties.”

He continued: “Before the assassination of Engineer and Suleimani in Baghdad, we had pressure tools and we lost an important part of it now,” noting that “Iraq is facing an immediate end to the presence of the American forces or a return to the UN decision to be there.” Source

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