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Esber: Our work in Iraq is not finished and we will not leave it alone in its war against ISIS

US Secretary of Defense Mark Asper said today, Friday, that our work in Iraq has not ended, and we will not leave him alone in his war against ISIS.

“Our country is keen to coordinate work between the international coalition and Iraq to assist the latter in his war against ISIS,” Esber said in a joint press conference with German Defense Minister Ingrit Kramp Karnbauer, in Munich. “.

He added that “the discussion of expanding NATO’s role in Iraq to fight ISIS was discussed,” noting that “the situation in Iraq today is more complicated, and this was discussed during the meeting of the international coalition for this day,” noting that “the international coalition and NATO will coordinate how the fight against ISIS continues.”

For its part, German Defense Minister Ingret Krump Karnbauer confirmed during the press conference that “her country’s parliament set a timetable for the presence of German forces in Iraq.”

Karnbauer noted that “Germany participates in the fight against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, and these operations are carried out by the NATO alliance in Iraq.”

She added, “The German forces will remain in Iraq, and no team will replace another, and this is part of our authority,” noting that “the German parliament has set a timetable for the presence of his country’s forces in Iraq,” explaining that “her country is participating in the war against ISIS.” And this constitutes the real war to end the alleged caliphate state, “indicating that” her country is also developing the combat capabilities of the Iraqi forces.” Source