Iko Ward

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It’s like that first day the swim club re-opens. It’s hot out, but the pool is still freezing. Everyone is standing around.

The IMF, The Rothschilds, The Morgans, FOREX and the UST, all the big international banks with their derivative cinder-blocks chained to their necks…

All scared to dive in because they know when this happens some will drown; still others will be revived but stuck on life support the rest of their days. One or two will actually admit what they’ve done and help create a new dawn.

A new breed of financier will rise from the deep.

Many will still try and pee in the pool but the new banks and the new governments will see them from up on the lifeguard stand and blow the whistle.

China’s elders are already up on the veranda, sitting in the shade, having French-fries and cokes.

Like beneficent grand-parents, they’re making sure no one strays too far into the deep end unless they know how to swim. Like guardians, they are also making sure that some do.

In the end the peoples of the world will triumph, we’ll all be in the pool, and it will be warm and sunny and finding a place for our picnic blankets won’t be a problem.

Hopefully, we will invite everyone in, not ask them to only believe what we believe, recognize the planet is shrinking, understand that all wars have been banker’s wars.

Hopefully, we will not let our new found powers corrupt too soon.

As for me, I know there is much to be done. Right now is the easy part.

Whether you walk away with one hundred thousand or one hundred million, we have a duty to pay it forward. Are you up to that task? Y

ou never really know who you are ’til the bullets fly. And each day even that is brand new. Some days will be good and some will not. Here’s to us all.

In love and service, Iko.