In Intel SITREP


Exchange center staff being told openly RV goes tonight. “Kiss your family’s goodbye until it’s over.”

Final screen rates on ZIM have been locked in (not flashing) and are equivalent to CNY as predicted–which makes the CNY the temporary reserve currency of the entire African Union.

Similar expectations are for the structure of the IQD, which means the entire Middle East has also gone into fiscal partnership with the Chinese.

RV currency platform trade tiers have been pre-set and agreed to by all countries, and go as high as $125,000 for the ZIM (permanent reserve currency of the African Union).

Meaning, any amount negotiated with exchange location staff will be later sold at a higher price on the sovereign market or Win/Win/Win.

Translated: Because the Chinese Elders have created the new digital, quantum global financial system… they will actually make money on every redemption, every currency–over years–regardless of the negotiated terms, including any sovereign rate for the ZIM.

The Iraqi Ramadan extensions were all pump fakes to reveal ISIS, Daesh, Mossad final mass destruction operations.

The “bad guys” are completely lost and demoralized we are told.

God is with us.