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A parliamentary committee reveals the size of internal and external borrowing in the budget

The Legal Committee in the House of Representatives revealed, on Sunday (January 17, 2021), the volume of external and internal borrowing stipulated in the 2021 budget, saying that borrowing “contradicts the principles of Islamic law.”

A member of the committee, MP Salim Hamza, told IQNEWS , “The government continues to borrow for every project that belongs to the state,” indicating, “legally, borrowing violates Article Two first of the Constitution.”

He pointed out that “the borrowing law contradicts the established provisions of Islamic law that do not allow usurious borrowing, and this is forbidden by the texts of Sharia.”

He added, “The financial budget for 2021 includes borrowing 63 trillion dinars from internal banks, and 23 trillion from external banks.”

Yesterday, Saturday (January 16, 2021), the House of Representatives announced the completion of the reading of the draft fiscal budget for 2021. Source