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mod: @Doug_W Hay … Ya Zig emailed today that Vic is doing a recorded call soon

Dave: @Clay thanx watched the video….agree with the New Dinar……Not so much with that Kutchner stuff

Clay: @Dave yep

DinarResearcher: Where does it say that 1 trillion Dinar was printed. Bring that in and show me where that was printed, plus would it ever occur to you that this could be lower denominated notes? 1 trillion is nothing when it comes to world economic business transactions. You would need way more than that

​DinarResearcher: Just pure foolishness

Baxter: Clay… who are you talking about.. what guru?

Clay: @Baxter foot forwards
Clay: @Baxter hes awesome

Baxter: Oh… ok… is he back

Clay: @Baxter yes watch his newest video 8 minutes

Clay: @Baxter

Baxter: Ok.. thx…

Clay: @Baxter I liked what he said

Doug_W: I like foot backwards

Baxter: Im listening

Tebow: he use to call it daily

Doug_W: I don’t need his help thanks

mod: @Doug_W You could be foot backwards We need a New Guru lol

Doug_W: there ya go Boss
Doug_W: its gonna RV at $32.22 tonight

Clay: lol

Doug_W: there shortest lived guru in dinar history

Clay: u mean 3.22

mod: Finally

Doug_W: 32.22

Clay: 3.22 :laugh

Spectra: ;ha-Ha:

Doug_W: gee that wold make me a millionaire
mod: @Doug_W Promise?

Doug_W: absolutely promise

Clay: @Doug_W ;bow; oh great guru

mod: @Doug_W Ok I will serve up the crow Tomorrow

Doug_W: rare please

mod: @Doug_W LOL

Whitelions: AFRICAN WILDLIFE African Animals – Watering Hole Laikipia County, Kenya….. ………. or pick one you like more ……….

​Whitelions: live cameras

Onepence: “For his part, said the Iraqi ambassador in Cairo and the permanent representative in the Arab League, Habib al-Sadr, that “Egypt will enter strongly in the reconstruction of Iraq,” noting that “the volume of trade exchange between Baghdad and Cairo reached last year to one billion and 300 million dollars.” … Sounds like currency swap is in order

Onepence: …. Central bank of Iraqi will do a currency swap with Egypt … Remember you heard it here first … From onepence

Onepence: … From there is currency swap of all central banks in Africa …

Onepence: … Just like that … Iraqi dinar sweeps across the world
Onepence: … Really central banks don’t rely on governments …
Onepence: … Governments rely upon the central banks …

Doug_W: @Onepence don’t stop now ur on a roll

Doug_W: take another hit and continue

Onepence: … Who Is Writing the Future? …

Onepence: … During the first half of the century, as a consequence of the havoc wrought by the great depression, many governments adopted legislation that created social welfare programs and systems of financial control, reserve funds, and trade regulations that sought to protect their societies from a recurrence of such devastation.

The period following World War II brought the establishment of institutions whose field of operation is global: the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade, and a network of development agencies devoted to rationalizing and advancing the material prosperity of the planet. …

Doug_W: has this century already passed half way?

Onepence: … Who is Writing the Future …

Onepence: … the masses of humanity have been shown that the use of the planet’s wealth can be fundamentally reorganized in response to entirely new conceptions of need. …

Doug_W: its OK take another hit

Onepence: … the planet’s wealth can be fundamentally reorganized …

Doug_W: too many hits he nodded off

MichelleL: @Doug_W :laugh

Doug_W: hiya M

MichelleL: @Doug_W roll another one, he may rally

Doug_W: eww I don’t want any of what he is smoking

MichelleL: @Doug_W not for you silly, just to keep the entertainment flowing

Doug_W: ohhhhhh

Onepence: Still here … God loves laughter …

Doug_W: ;bow;

Onepence: · “The world’s eight richest billionaires control the same wealth between them as … Eight men own more than 3.6 billion people do: our economics is broken”

Onepence: “There is nothing in Bahá’u’lláh’s writings to encourage the illusion that the changes envisioned will come about easily. ”

[pm]Doug_W: keep “toking” pence

mod: African Watering Hole Camera or SW Florida Eagle Cam

BREW: The Future of Iraq Bullet points from the Hudson International Conference with the Ambassador from Iraq The ambassador from Iraq says there is still a lot of unrest but there is progress is being made. The reason Iraq was so aggressive to capture Mosul is because the security forces were backsliding.

Iraq is trying to over see some fair elections by having International and local observers participate in choosing the next Prime Minister. There are some undesirables in the government that need to be removed, but that will depend on the upcoming election.

Michael with the Hudson International in Washington DC whom we believe is also an Iraqi citizen said the main concern is security forces that are backsliding but the US is helping in retraining and has put a university in Baghdad.

The US will be building another one in other part of Iraq. Iraq has a good relationship with the Trump Administration. There are bids coming in from Turkey, Iran, France and other companies to rebuild Iraq. Fortune 500 companies are wanting to invest in Iraq.

BREW: Other countries are not beating down the door’s to invest in iraq, there kuwait confernce proved that.

Dave: UN: The return of missing Kuwaitis a condition for normalization of relations with Iraq….sounds like Iraq is indeed still under chapter7

firefarmer: Iraq will never be able to account for the missing Kuwaities

​Dave: @firefarmer Independent) .. The return of missing Kuwaitis and property is an integral part of the normalization of relations with Iraq, a UN official said on Tuesday, 20 February 2018. This comes a week after Kuwait announced that it would lend Iraq $ 1 billion and pledge another $ 1 billion in Iraq to join a group of international supporters who have pledged to fund the recovery in Iraq.

And met donors and investors in Kuwait; to discuss efforts to rebuild the Iraqi economy and infrastructure, after he emerged from a devastating conflict with fighters of the “Islamic State”.

UN Special Envoy to Iraq and Head of the International Support Mission Jan Kubis said he “deeply regrets” that the search for Kuwaiti missing persons has not yielded tangible results in 13 years. The fate of hundreds of Kuwaiti citizens remains unknown since the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait in 1990.

Iraqis also looted the National Archives of Kuwait during the occupation. Kuwaiti Foreign Minister Sabah al-Hamad al-Sabah said that he called for “further efforts and a new and innovative approach to dealing with the obligations owed to Kuwait; to make progress because of its historical wealth and an important legacy of the national memory of Kuwait, 2107 for 2013 “.

Iraq’s compensation payments were suspended in 2014, after a massive invasion of Iraq, but resumed. Baghdad is to hand over 0.5 percent of its oil revenues in 2018, rising annually until the end of 2021, to pay $ 4.6 billion, still owed to Kuwait.

“The Government of Iraq reaffirms its commitment to extraordinary efforts to provide progress in the files of the missing and the Kuwaiti archives, and the Joint and National Committees are working to meet witnesses on the fate of the missing Kuwaitis and nationals of other States,” said Mohammed Hussein Bahr al-Ulum, Permanent Representative of Iraq to the United Nations. “He said. Iraq called on foreign investors, last month (January 2018), to help with the reconstruction process

Dave: @firefarmer its about that 4.6 billion