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BREW: Don961 Article: “Amendments to the new Central Bank Law“ Already passed and in the Official Gazette…or as our basketball announcer says…”This one is in the bank and drawing interest !!”… (wink) Read more at:

BREW: A massive price tag to rebuild Iraq after Islamic State | WTOP › Latest News › World News › Middle East News Dec 28, 2017 – The cost of victory over the Islamic State group is incalculable, measured in the ruins left in towns and cities across northern and western Iraq.
Baghdad estimates $100 billion is needed nationwide to rebuild. Local leaders say it will cost that much just to rehabilitate Mosul. So far no one is offering to foot the bill…

​BREW: Kuwait to host Iraq reconstruction conference in February: KUNA…iraq…/kuwait-to-host-iraq-reconstruction-conference-in-fe… 3 days ago – Kuwait will host an international conference in February on reconstruction in parts of Iraq devastated by the war against Islamic State, the state-run Kuwait … Iraq needs at least $100 billion in assistance to rebuild homes, businesses and infrastructure including oil and telecommunications facilities, KUNA …
Doug_W: ppl just having fun is my assesment tww
blackgold: 100 billon? just another way to rob the country, what are they planning on building. they are all full of crap
Zig: Repeated for “blackgold” if/when he returns: “WarGoddess: @blackgold Please clarify? If we are going to rebuild this planet in five dimensional then what is the 5G artificial intelligence nano bots to control humanity all about? Which is it?”
blackgold: At ioo billion they’ll be livingbetter than us
blackgold: oooh Five demensional rebuilding, thats simple. See, ( smiling ), All of humanity we be shrunk down to particals the size of which will be able to be placed in a micro chip thru artificial plasma where nano bots will keep everyone under control in an artificial world created by a super Computer
blackgold: Gee,sometimes I surprise myself,lol
blackgold: now you all know what type of sick mind you are really dealing with here,lol
blackgold: @HERMAN they been taking our tax dollars, where you been
blackgold: On a more serious non, they are working on putting artificial plasma in people using nano technology
blackgold: @HERMAN not from us, Iraqi oil
blackgold: they all ready took billions
Spectra: ok ..Then where is the 7 trillion ? That was suppose to be investagted before 911 ..????????
Spectra: 7 trillion missing??
blackgold: NY Fed’s $40 Billion Iraqi Money Trail

Spectra: @HERMAN ne’ they are not that big..
Spectra: @HERMAN something larger ..
blackgold: well there is 40 billion of it right there and I suspect alot more than that
blackgold: @HERMAN culd be
blackgold: @HERMAN peace
Spectra: @HERMAN i have noidea but some think it’s for developing ufo technology or some underground crp…..Who knows it it should be re–opened ,,,
Spectra: @HERMAN 7 trillion dollars is a Huge disapear into thin air.
Spectra: ktfa post—The Rafidain and Rasheed Bank, once restructured, will also be ready to set up a banking system in the light of the Central Bank’s standards when a group of banks has been set up to deal with the process of settling salaries.
The documentary credits also provide us with an ideal exchange rate between the Central Depository and the market price, Buying the dollar; it also becomes the basis for tax accounting as well as the case of restructuring the ports in accordance with the pace of open credit in the government banks and banks approved eligibility and thus qualify for the final exit from the extraordinary procedures that accompanied the process of leaving Chapter VII.
Spectra: In accordance with Security Council Resolution 2390 on 8/12/2017, Iraq has fulfilled all obligations related to its withdrawal from Chapter VII of the UN Charter. This resolution will enable us to open documentary credits to meet the real demand for consumer or productive materials as needed.
Spectra: nothing new in regards to iraq
BREW: @Spectra nope, not one thing.

Spectra: just the banking stuff..same old
BREW: @Spectra yes it is, pete and repete.
Spectra: thats why im doing other things..
BREW: @Spectra i will just wait it out, all we can do.
Spectra: hanging out here it seems not too many know how to spark new conversations..
BREW: @Spectra :yes:
Spectra: waiting is all we can do
BREW: @Spectra maybe the best kept secret ever.
Spectra: lol…
Spectra: what do you think about Trupms remarks on hati?
Spectra: Trumps
BREW: @Spectra , well, i think sometimes he could use better words to express his feelings.
Spectra: @BREW mee too..he definatly has a lack for that..
BREW: @Spectra when he does open his mouth, odd words come out, i guess his iq gets in the way.

Spectra: @BREW lol..i heard he had a decent ..IQ..?
BREW: @Spectra yes he does.
tman23: Did you ever think Trump is crazy like a Fox………. most of his moves are calculated and many assert them as just off the cuff wrecklessness… seems to me he has outsmarted all the politicals so far
Spectra: @BREW he needs more couth
BREW: @tman23 i agree with that, they can’t put a saddle on this one.
BREW: @tman23 nor a bridle.
Spectra: yes it a fact the ones that have the highest intelligence OTHERS CALL CRAZY.
meatball: speaking

​ Wells Fargo……
BREW: @meatball bit wait, that was the first bank we were to cash out. lol
meatball: @BREW hey there
BREW: @meatball hey bud.
meatball: @BREW guess they waited to long lol
BREW: @meatball they did,lol
BREW: @meatball now it’s HSBC.
meatball: @BREW so much for the 800 numbers lol lol
BREW: @meatball WHERE OH WHERE, lol
BREW: Kuwait to host Iraq reconstruction conference in February: KUNA…iraq…/kuwait-to-host-iraq-reconstruction-conference-in-fe… 3 days ago – Kuwait will host an international conference in February on reconstruction in parts of Iraq devastated by the war against Islamic State, the state-run Kuwait …

Iraq needs at least $100 billion in assistance to rebuild homes, businesses and infrastructure including oil and telecommunications facilities, KUNA …
BobS: 1/13/2018 0:00 Thamer Alheims Under Security Council resolution 2390 in Iraq 08/12/2017 completed all obligations regarding the exit from Chapter VII of the UN Charter and this decision will enable us to open letters of credit to meet the real demand for consumer materials or production according to the actual need.
Perhaps this is done which is proud of our government is one of the successes that we hope that we invest in our economy within the benefits of leaving the Chapter VII we have $ 3 billion be transferred to the government under resolution 2335 / in 2017.
The other benefits depend first and foremost on the parties concerned, to be practical raise the positive restriction through the return of confidence in Iraqi banks (Rafidain and Rasheed) after it froze government imports in the past three decades.
Documentary long – standing assistance offered in our country; but there are those who say that the Rafidain Bank and Rasheed have not kept pace with modern technology because instructed holistic in nature, according to my information there is a project for the restructuring of Iraq in line with the re – confidence of the bank and Trchigah to work according to the new philosophy of the state. 

​BobS: The two banks Pat are sold in the practice of smart card technology for retirees and direct them in the world of public employment; returns things to normal restore confidence internationally our system banking and a continuation of the relationship Rafidain and Rasheed citizens Ooualemozv, will be after the re Hiklthma trustees of the public money and ways to invest.

Both banks they can build a network of banking relationships , whether sectoral government banks (housing, agricultural, industrial) introduced new products after the return of their activities in open government documentary including credits, Owalohlih of deep trust that Aolha citizen their being , deal with a wider social segment , a critical mass of (employees and pensioners and social welfare) , estimated seven million member.
The Rafidain Bank and Rasheed after the re Hiklthma will become also ready to set up a banking system in the light of the central bank standards when it identified the banks of a group to deal with the settlement of salary process, assistance offered documentary also provides us with a perfect exchange between the central and the window and the price of the market price as may reach a simple difference in buy the dollar;
 it also becomes the basis of the tax be held accountable as well as in the restructuring of the ports according to the rhythm of open-reliance in government banks and banks approved the eligibility of them and thus qualify for the final out of the exceptional Alajraataat that accompanied the process of leaving the Chapter VII.

BobS: The last paragraph of the article is good for discussion…….what say all of you?
BREW: @BobS not sure what chapter there in, maybe between 7 and 8.
BobS: accompanied the process of leaving the Chapter VII.
BobS: There is your evidence………they are still in C-7.
tman23: Kurd delegation in Baghdad tomorrow…… expect restrictions lifted or dates announced………otherwise NO SOUP FOR IRAQ……..

​BobS: 1/13/2018 0:00 In binary Sudanese collection Bsverha meeting Baghdad / follow-up Hussein Tgb Examined the Minister of Industry and Minerals Agency Mohamed Xiaa Sudanese and Saudi Arabia’s ambassador to Iraq, Abdul Aziz bin Khaled Al Shammari ways to expand the prospects of industrial cooperation between the two countries and to encourage investment, and to discuss a variety of topics and issues of common interest between the two brotherly countries.
BobS: Sudanese pointed to ” the importance of increasing cooperation and open prospects and new channels of communication between Iraq and Saudi Arabia to raise the level of ties between the two countries so as to achieve the common interests of their peoples, as between the two historical ties , and at all levels, adding that Iraq and Saudi Arabia for two economic Thaglhma in the region and dramatically” .
BobS: He stressed ” the ministry geared towards opening up to the private sector for the purpose of concluding partnership agreements under the Companies Act , which allowed the government to companies contracting with Arab and foreign companies, according to the instructions in force in line with the general government approach to creating the right climate to attract foreign investment, especially investors from Saudi businessmen to achieve economic development in the country” . Footsteps confident
BobS: 1/13/2018 0:00 Baghdad / morning , the Australian government announced the provision of financial aid to Iraq worth $ 100 million over three years. According to a statement to the Australian embassy in Baghdad, he received «morning», that «this package aimed at securing the humanitarian needs in the areas most affected by the conflict and help local communities to achieve stability and capacity building».

The statement added that «these humanitarian assistance and activities aimed at achieving stability in the liberated areas and efforts to promote national reconciliation».
BobS: 1/13/2018 0:00 Called to address tribal conflicts BAGHDAD / morning Warned the President of the National Alliance, Mr. Ammar al – Hakim, that the justification for the delay and delay the provision of services building excuses the political process and the fight against terrorism, are no longer sufficient for the next stage, while stressing the need to be an arm of Iraqi tribes to support security and law.
 He said Hakim, during a speech within his tour in the province of Basra, according to a statement by his press office, received the “morning”, that ” in front of the Iraqis a big job to complete victories by building a strong state that takes into account the law which takes Iraq to rehab the future, and organized the behaviors with Law”.
BobS: Hakim , who noted that ” the available weapons in the hands of the people and use differences clan is not a feature we are proud of”, he stressed that ” a strong state but comes a strong and cohesive society, a strong society built Bashair cohesive and every clan to be a pillar , ” stressing ” the need to be Iraqi tribes an arm to support security and law. “
 The head of the National Alliance , said ” the general character of the clans is the commitment and discipline, but there must be a concerted effort to contain cases of clan – based conflict in Basra and Maysan , which has become a danger to people.”
Furthermore, praised the president of the National Alliance, while inspecting the families of martyrs in the province of Basra, the role played by the people of Basra in the military confrontation against the terrorist Daesh, noting that the figures speak for a high representation of the people of Basra between the reference and in the call of unmet martyrs and the wounded figures.
BobS: He pointed out the importance of al – Hakim to take care of the families of martyrs and give them a concession in the areas of work, study and study missions, pointing out that Iraq reap the fruits of patience thanks to the sacrifices of his sons.
BobS: BAGHDAD / JD / .. issued a competent criminal integrity issues in a Baghdad court sentenced in person sentenced to seven years in prison administrative agent for one of the Lebanese companies, based on the provisions of Article 444 / IV and XI of the Penal Code; for harming public money.

​Said of the Integrity Commission of Investigation Department, in a statement received / JD / copy of that convicted the receipt of the amount (18,844,039,955) billion dinars, the value of contracts concluded between the company and the secretariat of Baghdad, without being authorized to take delivery, through his coordination with the contracts department in Baghdad Secretariat and send book to the trade Bank of Iraq and the exploitation of the authority granted to him by the company to collect the dues owed by her return secretariat of Baghdad,
although the authorization granted to him are not allowed to receive and catch amounts, but the follow-up financial transactions. Court reviewed the report of the External Audit Division of the Integrity Commission included determining the amounts disbursed to the defendant amounting to (18,844,039,955) billion dinars, in addition to the report of the Audit Court and the minutes of the administrative investigation of the Office of the Inspector General of the Secretariat of Baghdad.
BobS: As seen on the statements of the legal representative of the Secretariat of Baghdad, who requested the complaint against the accused for the damage caused to his constituency, the legal representative of the Iraqi Bank of Commerce, which reported by the bank to re-reported to the Secretariat; being the donor for the adoption, in addition to the statements of the legal representative of the Lebanese company,
which is between the authorization granted the accused is not authorized by any amounts received in cash, but limited to the follow-up of administrative and technical matters of the company with regard to its work in Iraq, as well as recognition of the receipt of the accused amounts merits of the case, the court found Sufficient and convincing evidence to convict him.
 And ensure that the referee ‘s decision to give the right of the affected parties ( the secretariat of Baghdad, the Lebanese company) to claim compensation before the civil courts after the acquisition of decision – class peremptory judgment, and the decision was made in agreement judgment in his presence capable of discrimination, based on the provisions of Article 182 / a fundamentalist. / End / 22 /
BobS: Over and Out…..happy reading.
chattels: Iraq parliament forms committee to investigate KRG oil sector By Rudaw
chattels: KRG to discuss airports, borders with Baghdad on Saturday By Rudaw
whatwhen99999: Are rich yet ?
whatwhen99999: Is 2018 our year ? or do we still wait 10 more years ?
Tebow: 10 yrs
BREW: AT LEAST START WITH A SIX MONTH SUPPLY… NRG-5 Emergency Food Ration 240x500g value pack 240x MSI NRG-5 Emergency Food Ration 240x500g value pack 1.488,00 €**1.190,00 € *
Irish Rose: @ TeBow….10 more years!! You think so???? For reals??? What ever happened to some book/pamlet written by (Bush?) That had this RV all planned out so the US would be reimbursed for all the $$$ spent on the war?? Was that all b.s. too??
Irish Rose: Has anyone heard from Joey or Vic.?? I am not on very often but miss their news readings.

chattels: Iraq’s Abadi in high-stakes plan to rein in Iranian-backed militias
chattels: BAGHDAD (Reuters) – Under pressure from allies in the West, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi is staking his career on reining in the Shi‘ite militias that helped him defeat Islamic State.
chattels: Abadi’s plan envisages taking back the militias’ heavy weapons and cutting their strength by half, according to military and intelligence sources. The army is already taking an inventory of PMF weaponry, such as the armored vehicles and tanks the government gave them to fight Islamic State.

Next, Abadi will order his military and police commanders to take back those heavy weapons under the pretext of repairing them. The defense ministry will then remove over-age or physically unfit fighters, two military sources said.
chattels: Lawmakers close to Abadi and one of his political advisers say he is coming under “tremendous pressure” from the West and Sunni regional allies to dissolve the PMF now that Islamic State, or Daesh, is no longer a major threat.

“Prime Minister Abadi is getting messages from allies in the war against Daesh encouraging him to dismantle the PMF as a condition to keeping their support flowing in future,” the adviser said on condition of anonymity.
chattels: In any case Abadi does not trust the Iranians, whose militia allies act like a state within a state, said a Shi‘ite lawmaker close to the prime minister. “Abadi sees the support of the West, the United States and regional Arab states as indispensable in making Iraq more stable in future,” the lawmaker said.
chattels: Security sources and analysts say any attempt by Abadi to muzzle the PMF could invite a backlash from Shi‘ites, who expect the militias to protect them in the event of renewed sectarian conflict in Iraq. Any backlash could lead to the election of an alliance of Iranian-backed political parties to enough seats in parliament to end Abadi’s bid for a second term.
chattels: To counter the PMF’s popularity, Abadi has turned to the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, who once led an armed rebellion against U.S. occupation forces and was named the most dangerous man in Iraq by the Pentagon.

The pair held a secret meeting in the holy Shi‘ite city of Karbala on Nov. 11 to discuss Sadr helping the government disarm the militias, according to aides for both men who attended the meeting. Sadr sees the militias as a threat to his role as a kingmaker in Iraq’s turbulent politics.
chattels: Sources close to Sadr said he also promised to persuade Sistani to support Abadi’s plans to restrain the militias. That could give Abadi an edge over the militias, which comprise more than 66 groups, over 40 of which are backed by Iran, according to security sources and analysts.
chattels: David M. Witty ‏ @DavidMWitty1 10h10 hours ago


1st official Kurdish delegation since Kurdish independence referendum to visit Baghdad tomorrow to discuss border crossings & airports, led by Kurdish Interior Minister. Baghdad has prepared plan for joint administration.

chattels: David M. Witty ‏ @DavidMWitty1 11h11 hours ago

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​… Iraqi Army has prepared 5 year reform plan. Examining rank structure, positions & divisions. Calls for greater international support in arming & equipping (while Iraqi Parliament wants US forces out of Iraq). NATO to assist with border security.
chattels: ” Iraqi Parliament wants US forces out of Iraq.”
chattels: David M. Witty ‏ @DavidMWitty1 17h17 hours ago More UN warns there are still small pockets of ISIS in Iraq in areas around Talafar, Qaim, Sharqat, Hawija & Toz.
chattels: Kirk H. Sowell ‏ @UticaRisk Jan 11 More Continuing this thread from earlier today – Iraqi TV channels are now reporting the coalitions. I’m going to repeat here what I’m hearing from watching these channels. So bear in mind these are *initial* reports.
chattels: Kirk H. Sowell ‏ @UticaRisk Jan 11 More Sources also conflict on what Abadi’s coalition will be called – most say “Victory Bloc”, others “Fatah” (“Conquest”).
chattels: Kirk H. Sowell ‏ @UticaRisk Jan 11 More And here is this just out, claiming that Abadi is asking IHEC to pull the Dawa Party out of State of Law. If true, sounds like an effort at party coup v. Maliki. …
chattels: Kirk H. Sowell ‏ @UticaRisk Jan 11 More There isn’t going to be much of the SLC left as it has been clear for a while that Badr was going its own way. Losing Abadi would just leave Maliki heading a “rump State of Law.”
chattels: Kirk H. Sowell ‏ @UticaRisk Jan 11 More So the news is that Abadi will indeed head a coalition referred to as “Victory Bloc” or something like that. He & Maliki appear to have reached an agreement of some kind allowing Abadi to head Dawa’s list. This is still a bit vague at this moment.
chattels: Kirk H. Sowell ‏ @UticaRisk Jan 11 More Badr’s Hadi al-Ameri is heading a competing list – v. Maliki & Abadi – of Hashd political wings called “Fatah.” Muqtada al-Sadr has blessed a new coalition called “Thairun” (Revolutionaries) of which his “Istiqama” party will be the core.
chattels: Kirk H. Sowell ‏ @UticaRisk Jan 11 More The largest Sunni bloc is a triumvirate of Salim al-Jiburi – Iyad Allawi – Salih al-Mutlak. With this Jiburi completes his transformation into a secular centralist. This will likely be the largest pro-Baghdad Sunni bloc.
chattels: Kirk H. Sowell ‏ @UticaRisk Jan 11 More A “regionalist” Sunni coalition will be headed by Osama al-Nujayfi & Khamis Khanjar.
chattels: Kirk H. Sowell ‏ @UticaRisk Jan 11 More Among the Kurds, there is a three-party alliance including Gorran-Kurdistani Islamic Group – Barham Salih.
chattels: Kirk H. Sowell ‏ @UticaRisk Jan 11 More Along with these big names, bear in mind they all have small parties hanging along with them. Ammar al-Hakim’s Hikma is taking an approach similar to Sadr – the party is the core, but add non-Shia for a “cross-sectarian” (abira) bloc.
chattels: Kirk H. Sowell ‏ @UticaRisk Jan 11 More So in terms of electoral implications, including this is indeed the alignment, the landscape will only be somewhat less fragmented than it appeared a week ago, mainly bc Abadi & Maliki apparently aren’t running v. one another. 

​chattels: Kirk H. Sowell ‏ @UticaRisk Jan 11 More So State of Law lost some of its factions, Badr most importantly, but this “Victory/Nasr Bloc” looks well-positioned for a plurality of the seats from Shia areas. As long as Maliki can swallow his pride (or be forced to behind the scenes), Abadi is well-positioned for 2nd term.
chattels: Lebanon decides to hand over former Minister of Commerce Abdul Falah al-Sudani to Baghdad 12/01/2018
chattels: Integrity Commission: A Lebanese presidential decree provides for the extradition of Abdul Falah al-Sudani to Iraq 11/01/2018
Acerginnala: Just a thought but could the “spontaneous ” protests in Iran be a ploy to force Iran to bring their troops home?

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