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chattels: There is a great deal more accusatory, angry and aggressive rhetoric today between Baghdad and Erbil. I am not going to post any of it for a couple of reasons. It may be just rhetoric and I am rather tired of it all.

chattels: It is difficult to connect any dots in the midst of this barrage of verbiage.

chattels: And it is always better to remain silent and be thought a fool rather than to open one’s mouth and remove all doubt 🙂

chattels: IMF: Global financial stability improving but risks

bunny: I like this ~~ Iraq announces issuing MasterCard International card for employees and citizens 11/10/2017

bunny: Rafidain Bank announced Wednesday, for issuing one of the electronic payment tools (MasterCard) international staff, retirees and citizens and other segments of society.

The Information Office of the Bank said in a statement, “Economy News” received a copy of it, “For the first time the bank instructed its branches to issue electronic payment instruments (MasterCard), employees, retirees and citizens and other segments of society.”

The Office added that “these tools are used inside and outside Iraq and be accepted at all ATMs associated with the network MasterCard, in addition to the POS.” He pointed out that “advances and loans granted to employees be through these cards and localization of their salaries electronically.”

bunny: The Office added that “these tools are used inside and outside Iraq and be accepted at all ATMs associated with the network MasterCard, in addition to the POS

bunny: Frankly, I (long, long ago) quit listening to calls, videos, etc. Too much nonsense – ~ I also have a friend from the area who feels that this will be many, many years down the road (as mentioned above) . We can only hope

xyz: Toman is falling against the dollar on fears of Trump’s stance towards Iran
Follow-up / tomorrow Press:

After speculation by international agencies about the possibility that Donald Trump would not ratify Iran’s commitment to the terms of the nuclear deal, the Iranian currency has fallen back against the dollar abruptly in the past two days.

DinarResearcher: The first Saudi airline to fly to Iraq since 1990

DinarResearcher: Editorial Date: 2017/10/11 23:08 • 1043 times read

DinarResearcher: Saudi Arabia’s Nas Air Arabia said on Wednesday it would launch flights to Iraq to become the first Saudi airline to do so in more than 25 years.

DinarResearcher: The airline said in a statement on its website “flights from major airports in the Kingdom will start to a number of Iraqi cities in the coming weeks.”

DinarResearcher: “This is a historic moment for us in Nas Konna, the first Saudi airline to land on the brotherly land of Iraq after this long interruption,” said Bandar al-Muhanna, chief executive officer of Nas.

DinarResearcher: Flights between Saudi Arabia and Iraq have been cut off since the former regime invaded Kuwait in 1990.

DinarResearcher: In August, Iraq and Saudi Arabia said they planned to open the Arar border crossing to trade for the first time since 1990.

DinarResearcher: The announcement came a day after the Saudi cabinet decided to form a joint trade committee with Iraq.


DinarResearcher: Abadi: We will not allow the return to square one and the return of sectarian and divisional discourse

DinarResearcher: Thursday 12 October 2017 – 02:00

DinarResearcher: Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said his government will not allow the return to square one and the return of sectarian and divisional discourse.

DinarResearcher: This came during an extended meeting held by Abadi to consolidate stability in Anbar province.

DinarResearcher: “The federal government will work hard to speed up the restoration of stability, close the IDP camps, return every displaced citizen to his home soon and maintain the success of Anbar,” Abbadi said in a statement.


chattels: Wednesday, October 11, 2017 Iraqi Forces Finish Hawija Now On To Western Anbar Again The Hawija operation has officially ended. The Iraqi forces are now gearing up to return to west Anbar. The preparations are already underway to liberate the last area of Iraq under Islamic State control.

chattels: During the fighting, approximately 150 villages were freed, and 385 IS fighters killed. Over 1,000 also surrendered to the Kurds during the end of the campaign.

chattels: According to the New York Times, the wali of Hawija told his men to give themselves up to the Peshmerga instead of falling into the hands of the Hashd. During their retreat the insurgents set 15 oil wells on fire, which crews were attempting to gain control over.

Since Mosul, the Islamic State has been collapsing. It has hardly put up a fight, has quickly given up ground, and hundreds have given themselves up rather than fight to the death as they once did. For months now Iraqi commanders have called IS a broken force. That has finally come true.

chattels: The Iraqi forces are turning their attention back to the west now. They are planning on attacking Qaim along the Syrian border and skipping Rawa to cut off IS’s supply lines and retreat route.

chattels: The west Anbar operation started before Hawija, but was then put on hold for the latter. The Iraqi command was hoping to conduct both simultaneously, but that might have proven beyond their capabilities.

There may not be as many IS in the area as expected either as there are increased reports that insurgents are moving into the Anbar desert.

chattels: Qaim and Rawa are towns in Anbar Province. The real ” final ” battle(s) against Da’ash will likely play out for control of the Anbar desert along the greater Syrian border.

​chattels: Al Anbar is Iraq’s largest and westernmost province. It comprises 32 percent of the country’s total land mass, nearly 53,208 square miles (137,810 km2), almost exactly the size of North Carolina in the United States and slightly larger than Greece.

Geographically, it is isolated from most of Iraq, but is easy to access from Saudi Arabia, Jordan, and Syria.

chattels: Iraq struggling to fight Daesh in vast Anbar deserts April 24, 2017 at 11:47 am

chattels: Khalid Al-Anzi, the mayor of Haditha, one of Anbar’s major cities in its western reaches, was cited by Al-Araby Al-Jadeed as saying that the Iraqi desert was too vast and posed geographic challenges to ever be placed fully under Baghdad’s control.

chattels: THURSDAY OCTOBER 12, 2017 Hashid-Peshmerga battles near Kirkuk raise specter of war The KRG fears federal Iraqi forces are plotting a “major attack” days after tensions combusted into two, hour-long firefights near the disputed Bai Hassan oil field.

Hashid-Peshmerga battles near Kirkuk raise specter of war

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