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Atlantic Council: Oil Kurdish newly entered the global markets and will continue its presence


It examined the economic and energy summit at the Atlantic Council at the last summit for alternative energy to the whole world and European countries in particular.

The oil and gas province of Kurdistan is one of the alternatives that you receive global energy markets, and experts believe that the Kurdish energy force has already entered into the World Altafh market, but The energy security in the region is an obstacle to this alternative energy, and the one dedicated to the future of energy in the Kurdistan summit sessions.

He said the European Centre for the issues of energy and security official, Faridit Pfluger, the Kurdish oil recent Login to world markets and will continue to be in his presence, noting that he no doubt that the war waged by Alپeshmrگh forces to confront the organization “Daash” terrorist and upset the security situation in the region and unexpected drop in oil prices , formed the major obstacles in front of the Kurdish energy, oil and natural gas Kurdistan will have an active role in the future.

He said Pfluger that energy policy in the region in attracting foreign Allensttmaren the area is successful, and affected energy policy in the countries of the region, including Iran, for example, for this prepared successful policy and must continue to be able to pass the obstacles.

He stressed that optimistic of Kurdistan oil exports to international markets and more than the experts understand waiting for exports from the Kurdistan natural gas, which will become an alternative source for Turkey and European countries.

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