Iraq Daily Journal


In a joint cooperation between Kuwait and Iraq, a high-level delegation from the Iraqi State Company to supply the Iraqi market with liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) to the consumer visited the Kuwaiti company «Green Torch» for gas, where the Iraqi delegation headed the company’s chairman and managing director, He was received by the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the green torch company M. Bashar Al-Qattan.

For his part, Moussawi said that he visited the Green Torch Company to discuss ways of joint cooperation between the two companies and the rehabilitation of the Green Torch Company for gas infrastructure work in Iraq, especially the project of industrial plants, especially the brick factories and the conversion of cars from gasoline to the use of gas, By converting all brick factories from the use of heavy oil to liquefied petroleum gas, because of the heavy oil pollution of the environment and human.

Al-Musawi said: “After informing the Committee about some projects implemented by the Green Torch Company, including the Avenues Complex, one of the largest commercial complexes in the Middle East, the new Kuwait Oil Company Hospital, The Gulf Glass Factory and the KDD plant have been rehabilitated in Iraq to take over the process of converting factories to use gas with the latest international technology for this type of factories.

He added: “As the Green Torch Company enjoys experience in the field of gas transportation and distribution, the Iraqi gas filling company will also entrust the Green Torch Company with gas to supply these plants with gas.” Al-Musawi said that there is a law to convert all government vehicles and taxis to work with gas, which has a return on air quality and public health, especially in cities with high population density such as the city of Baghdad.

The Green Torch Company signed a contract with Italy’s Ato Gas, which specializes in the conversion of cars, vehicles and boats operating on gasoline and diesel to gas, which has been operating in this area since 1991.

For his part, M.Bashar Al-Qattan, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Green Torch Gas Company that after the issuance of the necessary licenses, the company will open its offices in Iraqi cities and provinces to meet the needs of the Iraqi market in all sectors. On the other hand, explained the director of the division of gas and fuel distribution in the Green Torch Gas Company that the Iraqi market is promising and that the Green Torch Company for gas in Kuwait is continuing success, and is ready to transfer that experience to a promising market like the Iraqi market, Now to equip the section with gas tankers, with different capacities and international specifications and follow safety systems. Source