Iraq Daily Journal


Iraq is preparing to export oil from Kirkuk to Turkey via the Kurdistan Region’s pipeline after halting exports to Iran, a member of Kirkuk Provincial Council has said.

“The Iraqi government has halted Kirkuk oil exports to Iran and it now wants to export the oil to Turkey,” Ahmed Askarai, head of the Kirkuk Provincial Council’s energy committee, told Voice of America on Saturday (November 10).

The only way to export the oil to Turkey is through the Kurdistan Region’s pipeline, the official said.

“There is information that Erbil and Baghdad reached an agreement on the issue two weeks ago,” he added.

Voice of America cited a source from the Iraqi Oil Ministry as saying technical preparations for exporting the oil to Turkey have been completed.

The northern Kirkuk oil fields are capable of producing 550,000 barrels of oil per day, which can be exported using the Kurdistan Region’s pipeline to the port of Ceyhan, spokesman of Iraqi oil ministry Assim Jihad said in May.

The other Kirkuk fields have the capacity to export 150,000 barrels of oil per day.

The shift from Iran to Turkey comes in the context of US’ reimposition of sanctions on Tehran earlier this month.

The United States restored sanctions targeting Iran’s oil, banking, and transport sectors in an effort to stop what Washington called its “outlaw” policies – steps that Tehran called economic warfare and vowed to defy. Source