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Early Friday Morning Iraq News Highlights 5-13-22

The Name Of An Iraqi Government Bank Was Removed From The International Sanctions List

Shafaq News/ Al-Rasheed Bank announced on Wednesday the removal of its name from the list of international sanctions of the Charter of the United Nations, which came in accordance with the document issued on April 18, 2022.

In a statement received by Shafak News Agency, the media office said that this decision came due to the efforts made by the Iraqi government, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Permanent Representative of the Republic of Iraq to the United Nations and Al-Rasheed Bank.  The statement stressed that this decision has restored Al-Rasheed Bank to its rightful place in the banking field. LINK

Al-Maliki’s Coalition “Questions” The Legitimacy Of The Al-Kazemi Government And “Reserves” The Food Security Law

Shafaq News / The State of Law coalition questioned, on Thursday, the “entitlement” of the caretaker government headed by Al-Kazemi to send laws to Parliament, expressing its “reservation” about the Food Security Law and its “financial aspects”.

The representative of the State of Law coalition, Muhammad al-Sihoud, told Shafak News Agency; “There is a reservation on many articles of the Emergency Food Security Support Law, and acceptance of some of its other articles.”

Chihod added; That “the most important point in the law, which must be discussed in the next session of Parliament, is the right of the caretaker government to send laws to the House of Representatives,” wondering by saying, “If the government has the right to send laws, why did it not send the budget law, and if it was not its right, why did it send? This particular law?

Chihod clarified his coalition’s position by saying that “the state of law believes that the caretaker government does not have the right to send such laws to the House of Representatives, because it includes a financial side, in addition to the presence of some articles that must be repealed from the law.”

The Iraqi parliament had decided to postpone the voting session on the draft law on “emergency support for food security” until next Saturday, “for the purpose of completing discussions and maturation of the law on emergency support for food security and development and the need for more time.”

Last Tuesday, the Parliamentary Finance Committee announced the finalization of the emergency support law for food security and development, during a meeting chaired by Parliament Speaker Muhammad al-Halbousi.

Representatives of the Shiite coordination framework reject this law, calling it a “waste of public money,” and it was formulated according to the vision of the tripartite alliance only, which includes the “Kurdistan Democratic Party, the Sadrist Movement and the Alliance of Sovereignty.   LINK

An Extension That Clarifies Its Position On Attending Parliament Sessions And The Initiatives Presented

Sumerian special   2022-05-13 | 04:30   Source:  Alsumaria news   1,938 views   Alsumaria News – Baghdad, a member of the Political Bureau and a spokesman for the Manar Al-Obaidi Extension Movement, confirmed that the movement’s position is clear that we should not be part of disrupting the political process, and that the actual place for members of Parliament is inside the dome of the House of Representatives to express their opinion of acceptance or rejection, noting that presenting any initiative or Expressing a position on the proposed initiatives needs a second and in-depth study to ensure that the position is in harmony with the opinion of the street and the Iraqi people.

Al-Obaidi said in an interview with Alsumaria News, “The issue of initiatives, we are still aware of them and there are discussions, and we believe that the lack of political experience of the independent representatives compared to the rest of the political blocs and parties that have practiced this work for many years makes them face a great challenge and expecting them to come out with the best results in the shortest time is It is illogical and unreasonable,” he said, noting that “the independents, with their various orientations, were up to the responsibility and held intense and daily meetings and dialogues to come up with a unified vision that was formulated in a way that would not make it meet with objection from the Iraqi street.”

Al-Obaidi added, “The independent is more vulnerable to criticism and attack from the Iraqi people than the rest of the parties, which makes him need the second and come up with a thoughtful position that contains all the details and studies all possibilities in order not to be questioned about what will happen in the future by not passing the government,” pointing out that “time It is still appropriate to study the initiatives in an extensive manner, in order to come up with an initiative during the coming period that will be largely agreed upon and on the various details because the issue is not easy. A deep vision in all its aspects.

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04:13 | 2022-03-27  A parliamentarian reveals a “bad message” to the independents and is likely to form a consensus government

13:24 | 2022-03-30  “The President’s Crisis”… There are no solutions yet, and Wednesday’s session is at stake

12:31 | 2022-03-27  And he continued, “The Emtada movement has decided, and since the first day, that there is a necessity to distance parliamentary work from political differences and the role of Parliament within the dome of the House of Representatives. Therefore, we did not talk about a boycott. And whoever wants to perform his role correctly, he must not boycott the sessions and express his position by accepting or rejecting within the dome of Parliament. It is clear about all decisions, and we will not be part of disrupting the political process inside Iraq.” LINK

Al-Maliki Talks About A Legal Violation In Parliament

Policy   2022-05-12 | 16:29  Source:   Alsumaria news   5,850 views  The head of the State of Law coalition, Nuri al-Maliki, considered, on Thursday, that the parliament’s intention to question and dismiss ministers and grant confidence to new ministers is a legal violation.

Al-Maliki said in a tweet on “Twitter”, “The intention of the current parliament to interrogate a number of ministers in the expired government, dismiss them and grant confidence to new ministers, is a clear legal violation.”

He added that “the current council was not the one who voted to form this government and did not give them the confidence to question them.”   LINK

The Coordination Framework Reveals The Fact That Part Of It Went With The Triple Alliance

Policy  2022-05-12 | 16:13   Source:  Alsumaria news   9,996 views  On Thursday, the coordination framework denied that part of it went with the tripartite alliance to form a government.

Al-Attar said in a statement, “Some social networking sites and media platforms circulated rumors that part of the coordination framework with the tripartite coalition to form the government has gone.”

He added, “Based on this, we affirm that the news is false and its publication aims to mislead public opinion and influence the framework’s audience and its unity and cohesion accustomed to everyone.”

The statement pointed out that “the coordinating framework is still adherent to the principles and principles from which it was launched in his vision to form the government and protect the arena and the positions of citizens and political blocs.”   LINK

A Deputy Reveals A “Corruption System” In The Industry And Confirms: Theft Is Stages

Policy  2022-05-12 | 14:50  Source:  Alsumaria news   4,899 views  Representative Ahmed al-Jubouri considered, on Thursday, that “corruption” in the Ministry of Industry turned into what he described as “sabotage,” and while he stressed that contracts are concluded in a frightening manner, he revealed a “corruption system” and several stages of theft in the ministry.

Al-Jubouri said during his speech to the “Twenty” program broadcast by Alsumaria satellite channel, “It is our duty to monitor state institutions, and when we find a defect, we begin to confront it,” noting that “corruption is not new, but rather in The Ministry of Industry  Even before the current minister.”

[url= %D8%A7%D9%84%D8%B5%D9%86%D8%A7%D8%B9%D8%A9/ar/]

He added, “Corruption turned into sabotage after the current minister, Manhal al-Khabbaz, took over,” stressing that “we were able to nullify contracts in which there was great corruption and we obtained a loyalty order.”

Al-Jubouri revealed that “contracts are being concluded in a frightening manner after the government is nearing completion,” noting that “there are several stages of theft.”

In addition, Al-Jubouri said that “the law does not allow the sale of scrap if it enters the manufacturing industries,” revealing that “one ton is sold for 180,000 Iraqi dinars, and there is supposed to be an auction and not through direct sale.”

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Al-Jubouri indicated that “there is a corruption system in the ministry,” stressing that “there is an employee who stole salaries.”

He continued, “Prime Minister

He did nothing in this file,” considering that “there is deliberate sabotage in the file.”

[url= %D8%A7%D9%84%D8%B5%D9%86%D8%A7%D8%B9%D8%A9/ar/]The Ministry of Industry[/url]”.

And he added, “I have taken the judicial path to address corruption in the country.”

[url= %D8%A7%D9%84%D8%B5%D9%86%D8%A7%D8%B9%D8%A9/ar/]

The Ministry of Industry The situation of Parliament does not allow us to conduct an interrogation of the minister,” adding that “the industry is run by an integrated system of corruption in which gangs, politicians, representatives, and the media, and the minister works in a police manner.”   LINK

Soon.. Al-Jubouri, Guest Of A Special Episode Of The “Twenty” Program

Policy   2022-05-12 | 13:45   Source:  Alsumaria news  1,120 views  Alsumaria satellite channel will broadcast, shortly, a special episode of the “Eshreen” program.

And the guest of today’s episode is the deputy Ahmed Al-Jubouri

[url= %D8%A7%D9%84%D8%AC%D8%A8%D9%88%D8%B1%D9%8A/ar/]Ahmed Al-Jubouri[/url].

The “Twenty” program is an out-of-the-ordinary political talk show. Twenty questions summarize a quick and accurate reading of the events, with guests from decision-makers and leaders in the country, presented by the media.   [url= %D8%B3%D8%A7%D9%85%D9%8A/ar/]Mohamed Sami[/url].    LINK

Al-Maliki: Parliament Has No Authority To Question And Dismiss Ministers Of The Current Government

Iraq  10:26 – 2022-05-13  The head of the State of Law coalition, Nuri al-Maliki, announced that the House of Representatives has no authority to question and dismiss ministers of the current government.

Al-Maliki said in a tweet on Twitter, that the current parliament’s intention to question a number of ministers in the expired government, dismiss them and give confidence to new ministers, is a clear legal violation.

Al-Maliki added, that the current council was not the one who voted to form this government and did not give them the confidence to question them.


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