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Newspaper: United States agree to form a government of national salvation headed by Abadi

The US Embassy in Baghdad has approved a proposal to form a “national salvation” government in Iraq, while the Iranian ambassador, Iraj Musjidi, move to stop the application of this proposal.

 The newspaper said that “the US embassy in Baghdad, responded positively to a proposal by the head of the National Coalition, Iyad Allawi, the formation of a national salvation government, while rejected the proposed Shiite forces in line with the Iranian position that rejects him.” A coalition leader National not named as saying that “Allawi brought his draft project to the political forces The Iraqi embassy and to a number of embassies of foreign countries in Baghdad, including the US embassy, ​​indicating that the Americans sent positive signals on the proposal.

 “He said that” the draft of the formation of a rescue government includes the abolition of the Council of Representatives and provincial councils and suspend the work of the Constitution and the formation of a government includes political figures outside the consensus of the ruling parties, The administration of the country for two years, and prepare for legislative elections in the light of a new electoral law, and a new constitution to be agreed away from the pressures of political forces that hold the lead of the political process over 15 years ago. “Allawi,” Allawi asked Prime Minister Haider Albadi.

 “The newspaper quoted a leader of the Shiite alliance, stressing the holding of” an expanded meeting of the leaders of the Shiite parties in Baghdad, in the presence of the Iranian ambassador Erj Musjdi. “” My mosque Told the leaders of the Shiite forces that Iran is keen to respect the Iraqi constitution, while acknowledging the results of the elections and the formation of an elected Iraqi government, “adding that the mosque” accused the Americans to incite the demonstrators to cause chaos in Iraq.” Source