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American and Russian raids destroyed hundreds of tanks loaded with “Daash oil”


Moscow-Iraq Press -20 November: it revealed to media reports, on Friday, about the quality of Russian and American raids targeted hundreds of oil tankers belonging to the organization Daash in Syria, as part of international efforts to dry the largest sources of financing for the militant group.

She reports that “500 truck and tank, was passing in the Syrian desert loaded with North of crude oil for refining in Iraq and then sell it to escape, before they completely destroyed by aerial bombardment.”

And distributed chief of operations management in the form of Russian General Staff, Andre Kartapolov, during a press conference, a video documenting the raids, he said, reviewing the role of the Russian aircraft only in the raids, which took place Tuesday and Wednesday, “The Chiefs of Staff began to open fishing on oil Daash policy, and their impact on Russian warplanes began to hunt tanks of the Daash in Syria. ”

He Kartapulv, that “500 tanker, was loaded with oil Daasha vector smuggling from Syria to Iraq, was completely destroyed,” explaining that “12 rockets winged, launched by the Tupolev Tu-160 aircraft strategic Russian oil installations in the provinces of Idlib and Aleppo, targeting in particular the oil depots and stores, and the dispersal of all the black liquor, “as reported” Arab News “.

On the other side, US officials said that “the only US aircraft destroyed in one day more than 116 tankers to transport oil Getaway”, noting that “aircraft warned drivers before the destruction of tanks,” according to the newspaper “The Times” British, on Friday.

The newspaper pointed out that “Getaway oil Daash will be financed in 2015 by more than $ 500 million, an increase of 100 million compared Avaidath over the past year.”

The province of Nineveh police had announced earlier on Friday, said the international coalition aircraft oil tanker was on its way from the city of Mosul to the Syrian tenderness.

Colonel, “Ahmed al-Jubouri,” a Nineveh police officers that “coalition aircraft bombed, at dawn on Friday, the oil-laden tankers spend in the desert of Baaj, 120 kilometers west of Mosul.”

He said al-Jubouri, the “three tanks completely burned and killed them is believed that the tanks were heading to the Syrian tenderness was transferred from Qayyarah oil refinery south of Mosul, which is controlled by the organization Daash.anthy (1)

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