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Al-Maliki: We will not allow you to take the post of vice president

Al-Amiri said in a press statement that “there are a lot of political parties, including the alliance of Sowron, refuse to give al-Maliki any senior position in the new government.”

“Al-Amiri said that” Maliki’s recent statements come from the path of political bankruptcy, he is trying to bring himself to the forefront through statements far from reality, “stressing that” there is no prior political agreement on the assumption of Nuri al-Maliki any position, “as he put it.

“The bloc of state law, led by al-Maliki does not have a parliamentary majority to be able to pass, but the consensus and approval of political forces, and the most important coalition of reform and reconstruction, and the rest of part of this alliance is large and important.”

The leader of the alliance of Sason, “There are figures with a lot of suspicions, which was one of the reasons for the fall of Iraqi cities, but the organization of a preacher, one of the faces tried, and will not allow any position.”

On December 10, the leader of the coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki, the existence of “an agreement to take over a senior position in the Iraqi state.”

“The president (Barham Saleh) is determined to be his first deputy,” Maliki said in a press statement. “But the Sunni brothers have not decided on the candidate for the second vice president.”

He said: “Perhaps the candidate of the year is Salim al-Jubouri, to submit names to the House of Representatives, for approval.” Source