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US planes drop the Syrian opposition military aid


 WASHINGTON Iraq Press October -13: The US military confirmed at dawn on Tuesday, that his forces carried out the air drop munitions and military aid to the Syrian opposition Brigades northern Syria on Sunday.

The Central Command said US forces, said that all cargo planes carried out the operation successfully and returned to their bases safely.

The US military did not disclose the name of the groups that received the weapons described by the US military, as “small arms” but he stressed that it Arab forces to distinguish her that it is not Kurdish groups that receive support from Washington.

A US military spokesman said in a statement, “” made the successful airdrop ammunition Syrian Arab groups that examined the United States, its leaders properly. “

The air drop operation comes days after a US decision came into force regarding the training program and after arming the Syrian opposition, requires the freezing of the training program outside the Syrian territories, and focus efforts on arming the moderate opposition on the ground.

Operation also comes after two weeks of Russian intervention in Syria militarily in support of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and the assignment of ground operations carried out by the Syrian army to regain control of strategic occupied by the armed opposition, especially in Idlib, Hama and countryside of Latakia and countryside Halb.

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