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Take down Hawija reveals the secret “Daash” for Japanese Toyota cars


The newspaper “Okaz” Saudi Arabia, an Iraqi security source as saying that “a Daash leaders who were arrested in the process of the American landing in Hawija, last Thursday, it was revealed the party that provides organization of cargo”, noting, “The preliminary information, suggesting that the merchant who hails from Kurdish origin, provided the organization Daash hundreds of modern cars and four-wheel drive vehicles pregnancy (Pickup) under swap large quantities of oil getaway process,” he described.

So a security source said, “The US ambassador in Baghdad,” Stewart Jones “, handed Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi security information included merchant who is to provide the so-called organized Daash cars Toyota newly manufactured name,” adding, “The US Department of the Treasury, was had requested weeks ago, the Toyota Motor Company to provide information on how to get the organization Daash, on a huge amount of the SUV from the Japanese company’s production.”

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