Iraq raises its investment in US bonds to the highest level in 2019

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Iraq raised its holdings of US debt instruments during the month of December, last record to the highest levels in 2018.

According to US Treasury data, Iraq’s ownership of US bonds jumped 67.1 percent in December to $ 34.6 billion ($ 41.364 trillion), the highest level in 2018, compared to $ 20.7 billion ($ 24.747) a month earlier From 2017.

On a monthly basis, Iraqi ownership of US Treasuries rose 7.8 percent in December from a month earlier to $ 32.1 billion (38.376 trillion dinars).

Iraq raised its holdings of US bonds in December for the third month in a row (31.1 billion dollars, or 37.18 trillion dinars) in October, and 29.4 billion dollars (35.148 trillion dinars) in September.

Iraq ranked fourth with Arab ownership of US bonds; Saudi Arabia topped the list with $ 171.6 billion (205.148 trillion dinars), second with the UAE at 56.8 billion dollars (67.904 trillion dinars) and Kuwait with 41.3 billion dollars (49.374 trillion dinars).