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Iraq: A Leap Forward, December 5 & 6, 2018, Baghdad, Iraq

Iraq: A Leap Forward is the follow up edition to the hugely successful Iraq: The Future Conference held in December 2017. Held for the first time in Baghdad [December 5-6, 2018], under the patronage of the Central Bank of Iraq and a variety of Government Ministries, Iraq: The Future was a landmark event discussing the exciting opportunities and growth prospects within Iraq.

Iraq: A Leap Forward Conference, the first of its kind to be held in Baghdad at the Rasheed Hotel, welcomed 400+ delegates and 30 exhibitors, was one of the largest events to have been held in Iraq. The conference brought together high-level discussion between government officials, decision makers, large multinationals and investors, all looking to develop and promote the outstanding prospects in Iraq.

The 2nd edition, Iraq: A Leap Forward, will expand on the reconstruction and development efforts in Iraq. The country is ready for business with extensive opportunities for investment in infrastructure, construction, banking, agriculture, healthcare and many others. Iraq has an untapped potential with a youthful population, that is poised to witness extensive economic growth. Iraq: A Leap Forward is the only conference to understand further all the investment and growth prospects in the country. The conference will welcome all the leading Government Ministries and key players within Iraq. Do not miss out on this conference, as now is the time to invest. Source