Iraq to Turkmenistan: We do not commit to sanctions against Iran

2018/8/7 13:27

Iraq to Turkmenistan - We do not commit to sanctions against IranIraq has ruled out its possible compliance with international economic sanctions imposed by US President Donald Trump on Iran.
US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday that new US sanctions on Iran were “the worst.”

“Sanctions will reach a higher level in November,” Trump wrote in a tweet on Twitter.
“Whoever deals with Iran will not deal with the United States, I ask for world peace, no less,” he added.
US sanctions on Iran entered into force on Tuesday morning, targeting several sectors of Iran’s economy and restricting foreign companies’ dealings with them in preparation for a ban on its oil in November.
The President of the Republic Fuad Masum said on Monday that the circumstances of Iraq and the nature of its relations with Iran make it difficult for him to abide by the implementation of sanctions imposed by Washington on Tehran.
“Iraq should not be with a party against another party in the current conflicts,” Masoum said in a press statement.
According to US officials, the United States will not grant exemptions or exemptions from the application of these sanctions, but will consider any applications individually.