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Happy news comes from his headquarters gate .. Al-Kazemi settles 19 ministries, and postponing decisions in 3 ministries, including oil

It seems that things in Al-Kazemi’s booth are heading towards a happy end to this chains that exhausted the man, and the most tired of the Iraqis, as news comes about a final spending on the settlement of 19 ministries, and the postponement of decisions in three ministries are oil, finance and interior.

In the same context, which supports and supports this delightful news, a Kurdish deputy affirmed the Bloc of Sayron today, on the agreement of the political blocs to resolve 19 ministries in the government of Prime Minister-designate Mustafa Al-Kazemi, while stressing the lack of agreement to settle 3 sovereign ministries distributed among the political blocs.

Azad Hamid Shafi said, “The political blocs agreed to vote on 19 ministries, with the postponement of the vote on the ministries of finance, the interior, and oil, indicating that the political blocs agreed to grant the Interior to the al-Amiri and oil alliance for the wisdom and financial trend of the Kurds.”

But he pointed out that the political blocs have not yet agreed on the persons nominated to take over these ministries.

Regarding the position of the Sawyoun bloc, regarding Dr. Fouad Hussein’s assumption of the position of the Ministry of Finance, he explained that “the others do not have any reservations regarding Fouad Al-Hussein, but some of the representatives in the bloc are still reservations about his assumption of the ministry again.” Source