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Why are Iraqis optimistic about Al-Kazemi? Candid poll, conducted by (Iraq Today) in the Iraqi street.

The government of Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi spent its first week with a set of decisions that formed optimism among observers and followers, and won the approval of large segments of the citizens, so the opinions that differed about the mandate, have now crystallized in the form of demands that sufficient time be given to a president The government and its ministers to accomplish their tasks, despite the danger of Corona, which continues to haunt everyone, and the repercussions of the economic crisis, but the tone of optimism was clear in a conversation from a correspondent (Iraq Today), to talk about their assessment of government work in its new situation.

Controversial head!

Our first conversation was with Riad Zaidan, a mechanical engineer, who works in the public sector who said “I, as a simple Iraqi citizen, follow what is going on in my country, and among the reasons that frankly cause me for optimism, is that Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi is one of the non-controversial names (and this The people’s demand and reference), and also, he had never assumed the management of any institution or ministry, except for the National Intelligence Service, which now has an honorable reputation internally and externally.

He adds to (Iraq Today) that Al-Kazemi was not involved in any corruption file, whether small or large, but rather The opposite has undeclared efforts to combat corruption. “

Young face and clear will

Alaa Abdel-Qader, a university student who participated in the recent protest movement, said, speaking of optimism about the Al-Kazemi government, that “Al-Kazemi is one of the young faces who promises a qualitative shift in the performance of the government, after an unending series of old men who ruled the country, and that his choice comes Breaking the sanctity of the first generation and the first line who monopolized the post for nearly two decades.

He added to (Iraq today) that “Al-Kazemi achieved a distinguished Shiite consensus, which means the return of internal reconciliation, which will certainly reflect internal stability, and he received explicit support from the Arab Sunnis, clearly, publicly, and not shy, and it was not said anymore that” there is the year of Al-Kazemi, “and his choice The Sunnis are satisfied that it is an option that suits the aspirations of their audiences. Likewise, Al-Kazimi was chosen by the Kurdish component without prior demands, and there are no blank signatures, and he did not make a secret visit to the region, and he did not submit obedience duties at any table.

He continued, “The most important of this is that the Iraqi national space (secular, civil and progressive forces) is also an Iraqi that participated in this choice with a clear and declared consensus, and this means that the man will be a common denominator among all the Iraqi components in all their diversity.”

The government of the demonstrators,

while Hajj Muhammad Zayer, the father of one of the injured people, protested last October, that “this government represents the demonstrators of all shades.”

He told (Iraq Today), that “Al-Kazimi’s choice came in response to the desires of the rising street, who demanded a neutral character, who was not involved in any violence or killing, and did not stain his hands with the blood of the Iraqis, and he is a figure with clear features, a bright and honorable history, and an unrepentant opposition man in his history.” “.

Much work .. Speechless!

As the writer and political observer Ali Al-Basri said to (Iraq Today), “Al-Kazimi through his experiences and his knowledge of what happened during the previous dictatorial regime knew the basis of the Iraqi problem, and the secret of mutual hostility between the political authority and the people, and therefore it will transcend any such complex, and also He is a diplomatic figure who is fluent in the art of dialogue, doing without noise, and working on the ground more than empty appearances, so he promises a great job in thorny files.

“The man is the subject of a clear Arab welcome, and this calls me to optimism to fix the deep rift in Iraqi-Arab relations, and it can be said The warm water will return to its tracks.

And he added, “Al-Kazemi is a source of welcome and confidence on the international side as well. He has fruitful experiences of cooperation during his assumption of the Iraqi Intelligence Service, and this calls for optimism as well. Important economic cooperation will open with international institutions such as the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, the European Union, China, the United States, and Russia, which means that a global consensus on Supporting Iraq in its existing economic battle. Source