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Al-Kazemi train goes to Saudi Arabia led by Finance Minister Ali Allawi .. Will the train return loaded with agreements that restore health to the Iraqi economy?

The train of political reform and restoration of foreign relations with neighboring countries has started and is starting, but it is starting from an unprecedented station, where it cannot be claimed that this step is unprecedented, as normalization steps preceded it that did not succeed in restoring relations with Saudi Arabia, but this time he chooses Al-Kazemi is the most touching stop on reality, and approaches the main problem in redefining an objective and logical definition of the common interests between the two countries.

Whereas, the unprecedented step taken by Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi to send Minister of Finance Dr. Ali Abdel Amir Allawi to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to strengthen joint relations between the two countries, which is a first step to withdraw the fuse of the crisis that has existed since 2003 between two giant oil countries affecting the map of the global economy, these two The two countries are among the countries that possess the most oil reserves, and there is a noticeable similarity in the structure of their economies based on oil production. The revenues accrued from it, and the long years of hiatus and rivalries between the two countries caused crises for the entire region.

Now President Al-Kazemi wants to rebuild the bonds of joint relations between the two brotherly countries from the common interest window, and on the basis of strong economic relations, and to enter from the perspective of raising the damage that was caused to the two countries due to the unprecedented decline in oil prices in global markets.

Observers and experts have seen in Al-Kazemi’s move to send his finance minister to Saudi Arabia in this delicate circumstance that the man is moving quickly to restore and even build a healthy national economy, including correcting Iraq’s share in OPEC, opening investment, and developing positive and positive economic relations with countries in the Arab region, such as Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Bahrain and Iran, and returning the economic and political train to the correct railway after Adel Abdul-Mahdi removed it from this railway and toppled it to the foothills of the river.

They added, “This step will be followed by more bold steps in redefining the highest Iraqi interests according to a purely national perspective, that does not take into account or care only for the public interest, and with certainty that President Al-Kazemi will not hesitate to open channels of constructive and effective dialogue with all international actors affecting the Iraqi reality, which is What foretells of a new page of soft relations that Al-Kazemi will launch in the ocean and internationally.

This meaning was also embodied through his meeting today with the US Treasury Secretary in Baghdad, and what Al-Kazemi presented joint files between the two countries.

The Prime Minister, Mr. Mustafa Al-Kazemi, received a phone call from the US Secretary of Energy, Mr. Dan Brolett, in which he congratulated him on assuming the presidency of the government, expressing his aspiration to strengthen economic relations between the two countries, especially in the field of energy.

For his part, Mr. Al-Kazemi thanked the US Secretary of Energy for the congratulations, and stressed the importance of cooperation in the energy field between the two countries, especially with the government’s desire to attract American investments in the energy field, and overcoming difficulties before it, especially in the field of associated gas investment.

The two parties also stressed the need for coordination between producers and consumers globally in order to maintain the stability of the energy market in coordination with the relevant international institutions. Source