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Life comes on the Prime Minister’s communications lines. After the American Secretary of State, the French President calls Al-Kazemi and discusses relations with him

After former Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi switched off his phone at night and slept, Muslim of the state, and its affairs are in the hands of his office manager (Abu Jihad), then Abdul-Mahdi’s phone was almost paralyzed, just like his body and his passive movement.

But things changed today, after Mustafa Al-Kazemi (the young man) landed in the presidential house, where activity took place in the lines and lines of the prime minister, as no day passes without President Mustafa Al-Kazemi receiving four or five high-level international calls, such as the call of US President Trump French President Macron, Egyptian President Sisi, Iranian President Rouhani, Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz, and others, all bearing signs of wellness, health, hope and optimism for Iraq and the Iraqi future.

And since we are talking about the successive contacts of the leaders and presidents of the world and the hopes they hold, let us talk about the French President Macron’s contact with Iraqi President Mustafa Al-Kazemi today, where Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kazemi discussed, Saturday (May 23, 2020), with French President Emmanuel Macron, security cooperation Corona file and its economic repercussions on the country and the world. The media office of the Prime Minister said in a statement that “Al-Kazemi received a phone call from Macron congratulating him on the occasion of assuming the functions of prime minister, and expressed his aspiration to strengthen relations between the two countries, and confidence in its development under the leadership of the new government.”

The statement added that “Al-Kazemi thanked Macron for the congratulations, expressing his aspiration to develop the relationship with France, at various levels.”

He pointed out that “the two sides discussed ways to enhance the position of Iraq and its pivotal role regionally and internationally, in a manner that is based on Iraq’s possession of its sovereign decision, and according to its national priorities, and they discussed the repercussions of the current economic crisis, and the support that the international community can provide Iraq in this field, within the framework of a reform program A comprehensive Iraqi economist.

And that “the role of French companies in Iraq and the development of their work was discussed, as well as the role of France in the plans for the reconstruction of liberated areas, as well as a discussion of security cooperation between the two countries, especially in the field of combating terrorism, within the framework of the joint international effort in this regard. Corona in the two countries and ways to enhance cooperation in the field of combating them.

The statement added that “the French President extended his congratulations on the occasion of Eid Al Fitr, and expressed his aspiration to meet Mr. Al-Kazemi at the earliest opportunity.” Source