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Militia continues to kill demonstrators … Sistani’s recommendations are futile

The sermon of the religious authority # Ali_ Sistani did not affect the armed groups and militias that continue to kill # protesters and activists in Baghdad, the central and southern governorates.

The oldest unidentified gunmen, on Friday evening, on the killing of Iraqi activist # Ali_alasma inside a private car downtown # Nasiriyah   province # Ve_gar , according to security sources.

The killing comes “Alasma” incident by unknown entities, and entities of armed outlaws from # law , to complement the campaigns of kidnapping, intimidation and intimidation witnessed by Iraq since the start of # protests early last October.

In the context, political sources said to the ” solution of Iraq “, that “the militias that kill the demonstrators and do not respect Iraqi law, and they claim allegiance to the Najaf reference # represented by Sistani, but they have proven during the past days that they are following religious references from outside Iraq.”

Noting that «Sistani called in more than one statement not to kill # protesters and abuse and arrest them, but that the Iraqi authorities and armed militias deployed in the Iraqi provinces did not adhere to all recommendations.

Explaining that «the militias are close to # Iran , and follow the jurisdiction of the jurist, and the Iranian guide # Ali_Khamenei relies on her religious reference, and therefore they do not listen to Sistani’s speeches and statements.

The series of kidnappings and assassinations appears to be the last party card, after the end of the series # Sniping, live bullets and tear gas, and the failure of attempts by parties and armed militias to intimidate and prevent the protesters from flocking to the protest grounds.

And demonstrators in #The Liberation Square had confirmed in a previous statement, that “these cowardly actions will not dissuade the Iraqis from being in the protest yards in Baghdad and the provinces, and will not break the resolve of the intifada.”

Basra Governorate witnessed the first assassinations, after unidentified gunmen killed the activist and Iraqi cartoonist Hussein Adel and his wife Sarah.

It was not # Maysan far from the crisis, gunmen opened fire on a civil rights activist Amjad Aldhamat, survived two militants on the civil Thaer good from the assassination attempt on an explosive adhesive placed in the last car, in # Diwaniya. Source