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Abadi is approaching a second term

An official source in the office of Abadi said Saturday that Prime Minister Haider Abadi is approaching the second term of prime minister, pointing out that this matter depends on the approval of the religious authority in Najaf.

The source told ( the Iraqi Information Agency conscious ) that “Abbadi reached important understandings with the coalition of al-Maliki on the one hand and the two Kurdish parties on the other on the formation of the next government,” explaining that “the Kurds for their part did not declare any rejection of slaves, The national expressed great desire for a second term for him.”

The source explained that “the political understandings are conducted comfortably for the benefit of Abadi, after it was agreed within the Shiite blocs to form a government headed by Abadi, provided that does not oppose the will of the religious authority.”

He pointed out that “the political blocs used to receive the rejection of the reference orally or in writing, as was the case with the former prime minister, but this time did not issue any objection, especially as the reference specification for the next prime minister, it can apply to several people, Noting that “the methodology of the next prime minister set by the specifications, and this means that the approach of the Prime Minister, which he put forward in 2015, can be implemented at the next session of the recommendation of the reference and not as it was then, the pressures of parliamentary and political to fail.

It is noteworthy that the reference authority Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai, recommended in Friday sermon before the last, to nominate an independent Prime Minister is characterized by firmness, strength and courage, which was considered the Islamic Dawa Party correspond to the person of Abadi. Source