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Erbil and Baghdad reach agreement on Kirkuk oil exports

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The Iraqi Oil Minister will soon visit Erbil to meet with his Kurdish counterpart and discuss crude oil exports and revenues.

MP Shakhawan Abdullah said, “The meetings will continue with Kurdistan Region’s Minister of Natural Resources who will be visiting Baghdad for the same purpose.”

“The Kurdish and Iraqi ministers will discuss the technical issues relating to the implementation of a previous Erbil-Baghdad agreement. The KRG and Iraqi government have also reached to an agreement over Kirkuk oil exports through the Kurdish pipelines,” Abdullah revealed.

Deputy Iraqi Oil Minister Fayadh al-Nema, in a previous interview with Reuters, said they were willing to hold talks with Erbil about using KRG’s oil pipelines for exporting Iraqi oil. However, he said upon the failure of the talks, Baghdad may consider selling its crude oil though Iran, for which it may need to cross Sulaymaniyah province in order reach the neighboring country.

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