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U.S.-led airstrikes kill seven Islamic State militants in Syria’s Baghuz

Seven Islamic State terrorists were killed Sunday in an air raid by the U.S.-led international coalition in eastern Syria, an Iraqi military source said.

Speaking to Baghdad Today news website, the source said that the international coalition jet fighters targeted an underground hideout of Islamic State militants in the last jihadists’ enclave in Baghuz near the Iraqi border.

“The air raid left seven IS militants killed, including a prominent leader,” the source added.

Coupled with U.S.-led airstrikes, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) fighters have increasingly been attacking several IS positions inside Baghuz.

On Wednesday, the Kurdish-led SDF waged a major assault in the center of Baghuz, local military officials said.

“Now, we are carrying out strikes against IS. Hopefully, we will clear them from this last speck of territory soon,” an SDF fighter who did not want to be identified told VOA.

Located on the eastern bank of the Euphrates, Baghuz has been under attack for more than a month, with several hundred IS fighters still resisting SDF advances.

“Geography is a major factor in prolonging this fight and delaying our ultimate victory” in Baghuz, said Mustafa Bali, a spokesperson for SDF. Source