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Twelve Indian workers seek help as they face life threat in Iraq

Twelve Indian workers are facing a problem with food and accommodation in Iraq as their employer rejects to give them their salary, prompting them to seek help from the Indian Embassy in Baghdad.

The workers have reportedly been locked into a room and threatened several times if they tried to ask about their salaries, they would be sent back to India, The Times of India reported.

“They are pointing guns at us if we raise our issue of pending salaries,” said G Srinivas, who is employed as a manager with a company which manufactures fiberglass boats in Basra city.

“More than the pending salaries, now it is a question of saving our lives,” Srinivas said in a letter to the Indian Embassy in Iraq.

“When we asked for our salaries, the owner felt angry and sent his son and another three Iraqis with guns. They came to our accommodation and behaved rudely with us and threatened us,” the worker said. Source