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Makhmour farmers ask for protection from IS Diya

A source in Kurdistan Region informed, on Sunday, that the farmers in Makhmour District filed a complaint to the parliament of the region to demand protection, after receiving threats from the Islamic State militants. The IS members called the farmers to pay Diya (ransom or blood money), otherwise, they will burn their lands.

A source in the Parliament of the region said in a press statement, “The farmers of Makhmour District filed a complaint to the Parliament of the Kurdistan Region, demanding protection after receiving threats from members of the Islamic State group to burn their farms, unless they agree to pay Diya (ransom or blood money).”

The province of Nineveh witnessed several security breaches due to the presence of a number of the Islamic State members in the area.

It is noteworthy that the city of Makhmour lies between the districts of Hawija, Shorouk and Mosul. Makhmour is about 50 kilometers away from the center of Nineveh Province. It is inhabited by a majority of Arabs and a Kurdish minority. Source