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Iraq appoints new defense, interior, justice ministers

The Iraqi parliament approved on Monday three more ministers in Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi’s cabinet following several months of political disputes.

During a parliamentary session, the lawmakers approved Najah al-Shammari as defense minister, Yassin Taha al-Yassri as interior minister and Farouq Amin al-Shawwani as justice minister, Baghdad Today reported.

The three ministers are scheduled to take the oath of office shortly at the parliament.

However, the lawmakers rejected the appointment of Sufana al- Hamdani as education minister.

Former minister of education Shaimaa Al-Hayaali has offered her resignation to Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi last December amid reports that her brother had links with the terrorist Islamic State group.

The parliamentary vote on the vital ministries was delayed several times over political divisions. Source