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Iraq eyes repatriation of Mosul refugees in 200 days, isolates IS families

Iraq is planning to repatriate more than 1.5 million people displaced from the war in Mosul within 200 days, and has begun isolating Islamic State relatives from refugees.

Migration and Displacement Minister Jassem al-Jaff said late Sunday that as part of a plan to restore stability and security to the recaptured regions in Nineveh, at least half of refugees shall be returned to their home regions within 100 days, with the remaining half repatriated within the following 100 days.

He said the number of refugees displaced by eight months of security operations against the Islamic State has surpassed one million, noting that 250.000 had already returned home.

Also on Sunday, a Nineveh police source told BasNews that authorities in Mosul began enforcing a decision adopted in June which involves isolating Islamic State fighters’ families from refugee groups and transferring them to rehabilitation camps.

The source said security troops had already separated 40 families from other refugees at Hammam al-Alil camp in southern Mosul.

Iraq declared victory over IS in Mosul last week, ending more than eight months of military operations to retake the city.

On Sunday, Zahed al-Khatouni, a member of the Iraqi parliament’s migration committee, said they had approached the migration ministry to register more than one million migrants who are not registered despite staying at camps.”