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Mosul needs US$50 mln to regain electricity: council official

The city of Mosul needs US$50 million in order to return electricity to the war-battered regions, a local official was quoted saying late Monday.

Hossam al-Abbar, a member of the Nineveh province council, was quoted by Almaalomah saying that returning the main electricity station back into work needs more than US$50 million, adding that the restoration of the whole infrastructure requires “huge amounts of money”.

Abbar also pointed out total damage to water services, as well as the main bridges linking both sides of the city which had been pounded to prevent IS members from escaping.

Abbar added that compensations for civilians with damaged properties remain a major challenge for authorities.

The war against IS in Mosul has displaced more than 900.000 people since the launch of security operations in October and until the declaration of victory over the militant group last Monday.

Besides the human loss, the war in Mosul and at encounters at other IS havens in Iraq, have caused serious damages to infrastructure and basic services. Iraq intends to plead to world donors to assist in mending damaged cities.

A week ago, Lise Grande, the United Nations’ human rights coordinator in Iraq, estimated the amount needed for reconstructing Mosul by more than one billion dollars.