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Iraqi parlt speaker says ready to take to streets if protests’ demands not met

Iraqi Parliament Speaker Mohamed al-Halbousi has threatened to take to streets if the government continued to neglect the demands of protesters.

“If protesters’ demands are not met, I will take to streets with them,” Halbousi told Saudi TV channel Al Arabiya on Sunday.

A parliament committee “was formed to look into the targeting of protesters and security forces,” he said, calling on the protest leaders to attend the coming parliamentary session to listen to their demands.

He also stressed that the political blocs are ready to end the suspension of their membership at parliament “if there is a clear government platform.”

Violent anti-government protests have resulted in security forces firing live rounds and tear gas into the demonstrating crowds.

It is the most serious disruption to hit the country since the defeat of Islamic State two years ago.

Friday saw the worst of the violence so far, with Iraqi officials confirming the deaths of 22 protesters and 183 people sustaining injuries. Source