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Central Bank: Our Fiscal Policy Has Reduced the Impact of The Crisis of The Neighboring Economic Countries on Iraq

The Central Bank of Iraq (CBE) has succeeded in its fiscal policy in reducing the repercussions of the economic crisis in neighboring countries on Iraq, Iraqi Central Bank spokesman Issar Jabbar said Saturday.

Jabbar said that “the financial policy adopted by the bank relied on the provision of sufficient reserves of foreign currency and reduce the effects of foreign currency and the introduction of currencies to rival the dollar, which gave concrete results,” noting that the policy pursued strategy to save the economy of the country in the long term.

Jabbar said that the reserve of the Central Bank of Iraq from foreign currency currently amounts to 60 billion dollars, and covering 170% of the size of the mass of the local currency, in addition to 89 tons of gold.

For his part, economic expert Mohammed Abdul Rahman said in his private speech (conscious) that “in 2018, the price of oil exceeded the $ 66 in the year of the year, up to now $ 85, which led to a surplus helped the state to reduce the debt And the lack of withdrawal from the assets of the Central Bank, “noting that” the strength of the balance of the Iraqi Central Bank and the stability of the currency will be reflected positively on the Iraqi economy and not affected by damage to the economy of neighboring countries. Source