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Monday Iraq Parliament News Highlights 5-23-22

Al-Maliki Fears The Judiciary: It Is The Last Pillar Of The Stability Of The Political Process


Shafaq News/ The head of the State of Law coalition, Nuri al-Maliki, called on Friday to support judicial decisions and not deal with them selectively.


Al-Maliki stated in a statement received by Shafak News Agency; “In order for the judiciary to be the just arbiter and to have the final say in all cases and complaints brought before it, the judiciary must be respected and its impartiality acknowledged, and the impartiality of the decisions of the Federal Court, whether issued in favor of this party or that, or against the wishes of this party or that, and not Decisions of the Federal Court and the judiciary are selectively dealt with.”


The head of the State of Law coalition confirmed his support for “the decisions of the judiciary and the Federal Court,” stressing “the importance of telling the truth and making God the watcher without fear of blaming the blamer or complimenting a party at the expense of the truth and reality, and all politicians and others must be satisfied with judicial decisions.”


He called for preserving “the independence and respect of the judiciary and the impartiality of its role, because it is the last pillar for the stability and stability of the political process on the constitutional line.”


Last Monday, al-Sadr addressed a sharp-worded speech to his opponent, the coordination framework, which includes Shiite forces opposing his project to form a national majority government, and said that “the judiciary is keeping pace with the disgraceful actions of the blocking third.”


Al-Sadr announced his opposition for a period of thirty days, after he launched two initiatives to form the federal government, one of which announced its failure, which he granted to the coordination framework at the beginning of last April, and the other he launched to independent representatives on the third of this month, giving them 15 days to carry out the task of forming the government in cooperation with allies in The Triple Alliance (Save the Homeland) from the Kurds and Sunnis without representing the Sadrist bloc as ministers.   LINK


Al-Sadr’s Rejection Of It…Iranian Movement “Of Another Kind” To End The Political Blockage


Shafaq News / During the past few days, the Iraqi political scene witnessed an Iranian movement with the aim of re-proposing a new mediation aimed at resolving the political impasse in Iraq, which the country has been witnessing for seven months.


An informed political source told Shafak News Agency, “This movement is led by the new Iranian ambassador in Baghdad, Muhammad Al-Sadeq, as Tehran wants to rely this time on its movement through its ambassador, instead of the intervention of the Quds Force leader in the Revolutionary Guards, Ismail Qaani.”


The source added, “The new ambassador has strong and good relations with all Iraqi political parties. He has been at the embassy headquarters in the capital, Baghdad, for years, and has contact with all parties.”


He explained that “Ambassador Muhammad Al Sadiq received a prior rejection of the Iranian initiative and endeavor by the movement’s leader Muqtada al-Sadr, with insistence on the majority government, and for this the Iranian ambassador is currently moving on the rest of the political parties, especially the movement’s allies from the Alliance of Sovereignty and the Kurdistan Democratic Party, taking advantage of a deadline The (30) days that al-Sadr gave to the political forces to form the new government.”


The political scene is in a state of chronic political obstruction in light of the adherence of the “Save the Homeland” coalition, which includes the Sadrist movement, the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Alliance of Sovereignty, to a “national majority” government and their candidate for the presidency, Riber Ahmed, while the Shiite coordination framework and the forces allied with it adhere to forming a coalition government that nominates the prime minister. Of the largest social component, and they mean it (the Shiite component), and it adheres to the candidacy of the current President of the Republic, Barham Salih, for a second presidential term.


The initiatives launched by the leader of the Sadrist movement and the framework did not succeed in resolving the political scene, while the independent representatives in Parliament also launched an initiative, but it also did not succeed in resolving the intrigue of the complex political scene, while everyone is waiting for a Kurdish initiative from the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Massoud Barzani, who succeeded Previously, and in a scene close to the current situation, the launch of an initiative that moved stagnant water and contributed to the formation of an Iraqi government led at the time by Nuri al-Maliki.   LINK


Khazali Reveals That Al-Sadr Accepted Deputies From Al-Maliki’s Coalition To Form A Government And Urges Him To Take An Order


Shafaq News/ The Secretary-General of Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq, Qais al-Khazali, revealed on Saturday, the acceptance of a delegation from the Sadrist movement, with the participation of deputies from the coordination framework representing Nuri al-Maliki in the new government that the Sadrists seek to form.


Khazali said in a televised interview with Al-Ahd TV channel, owned by Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq, which was followed by Shafak News Agency, that “a Sadrist delegation requested 40 deputies from the Shiite coordination framework, even if they represent the leader of the State of Law coalition, Nuri al-Maliki.”


He added, “The framework has made many concessions and is ready to make more, but it will not give up the component’s right to form the largest bloc.”


Khazali added that “giving up the largest bloc means putting the component’s right to the wind,” explaining that “the Sadrist bloc is required to make real concessions.”


He pointed out that “the Sadrist bloc wants the premiership and 9 ministries,” stressing that “there are electoral benefits and the framework has 83 seats.”


Khazali indicated that “the Sadrist bloc is not ready to contain the framework and give it political benefits,” continuing that “the Sadrist bloc has the right to nominate the prime minister and we have the right to refuse.”


He said that “what is happening now is a political conflict and competition that the people pay their taxes,” adding that “the people’s interest forces the political forces to make concessions.”


The Secretary-General of Asa’ib Ahl al-Haq considered the understanding of the two Kurdish parties (the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan) as a big step towards a solution,” noting that “the Kurdish agreement is a strong motivation for the Shiite parties towards understanding, and it will dismantle the equation of the tripartite alliance.”   LINK


Three Scenarios For Resolving The Political Blockage


Sumerian special   2022-05-23   Legally, specialists believe that the Federal Court said that the periods allocated for electing the President of the Republic are organizational periods, and therefore Parliament has the right to specify a new period of time and does not forfeit its right to elect a President of the Republic.. They add that the current parliament cannot renew confidence in the current government without forming the parliamentary bloc. The most numerous, and it is the problem facing all political parties.    LINK


The Rule Of Law Invites The Sunni And Kurdish Forces To Form A Government


Sumerian special  2022-05-23  Source:  Alsumaria news  2,295 views   The representative of the State of Law coalition pointed out that “the Kurdish and Sunni political forces must be part of the solution, not the political blockage, and that they have a positive interaction to end the blockage, and that they go to negotiation and dialogue in order to overcome the crisis.”   LINK


An Expert On The Iraqi Constitution Presents A Proposal To Address The Political Blockage


Policy   2022-05-23  Alsumaria News – Politics  The expert on the Iraqi constitution, Hassan Al-Yasiri, presented today, Monday, a proposal to address the state of the political blockage in the country.


Al-Yasiri said in his proposal, which was received by Alsumaria News, that “after eight months of holding elections boycotted by more than sixty percent of the people, and after its failure to form the government and fulfill the rest of the constitutional entitlements during this long period, and after the obstruction situation persisted in an unprecedented precedent in Iraq.


After 2003, and after the failure of all initiatives to resolve this blockage, the following proposal can be placed in the hands of stakeholders and public opinion:


– Parliament’s formation of a transitional (not emergency) government of independents, a president and ministers, from outside the current parliament’s parties and blocs and from those who did not run in the last elections; An increase in impartiality, the duration of which is one year, that assumes the responsibility of preparing for new elections after the end of the year, and easing tension between the parties; Thus, we end the caretaker government with usurped powers on the one hand, and get out of the state of blockage on the other.


The formation of this government does not depend on Article (76/first) of the Constitution; Therefore, it does not require the election of the President of the Republic before it, nor does it require the nomination of the most numerous bloc, but rather the consensus of the parliamentary blocs.


Although the explicit text does not help us, the general legislative mandate of Parliament can be relied upon as a basis for its composition; As long as it is transitional and not permanent; Thus, we get out of the dialectic of the largest mass.  The parliamentary blocs pledge to support this government, and not to obstruct it during the specified period of its work.


During this transitional stage, Parliament will move away from enacting entrenched controversial laws, and limit itself to important and urgent agreed-upon laws – as much as possible – especially the general budget law. LINK


Parliament Intends To Legislate A National Security Law


Political  news    May 22, 2022  The First Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hakim Al-Zamili, announced, on Sunday, the parliament’s intention to legislate the National Security Law.


Al-Zamili’s office said in a statement that “the first deputy speaker of the House of Representatives visited the headquarters of the National Security Agency today, and met with its head, Hamid Al-Shatri and the advanced cadre in it, to discuss the needs and challenges facing the work of the agency, and to intensify the qualitative operations that it carries out in tracking drug trafficking networks, extortion and organized crime.” “.


The statement added that “Al-Zamili held an extensive meeting with Al-Shatti and the National Security cadre, during which he called for continuing field work to address the thorny and dangerous files that threaten people’s lives and the security of society, including smuggling networks, trafficking and drug abuse, electronic extortion, organized crime, espionage, human trafficking and others, And effective cooperation with the judiciary with regard to expediting arrests and holding those involved in the aforementioned crimes to account so that they may receive their just punishment.


Al-Zamili demanded, “the development of a comprehensive and advanced strategy, and a plan of prior goals for the apparatus, and coordination with the Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee, to support it in facing serious challenges and providing the necessary needs,” noting that “the apparatus falls to address sensitive files, and its members must be characterized by efficiency, courage and sincerity.” principled and confidential.


Al-Zamili stressed, “The House of Representatives strongly supports the work of the National Security Apparatus, and provides all the necessary capabilities to enhance its role in a manner that preserves the security and interests of society,” noting “the House’s determination to legislate the National Security Law to define its responsibilities and tasks, and to guarantee all the rights of its members.”


Barzani Reveals The Reason For His Participation In The “Davos Conference”


Policy   2022-05-22  Source:  Alsumaria news   4,609 views  The Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Masrour Barzani, revealed, on Monday, the reason for his participation in the Davos conference in Switzerland.


Barzani said in a tweet while participating in Davos Conference, “I am very happy to participate in this conference in order to convey the voice of the region Kurdistan to the world.”


He added, “and exchange views on international issues.”   LINK


Barzani In Sulaymaniyah… A Kurdish Movement To Dispel Tension!‎


Sumerian special  2022-05-23 | 03:55  Source:  Sumerian  442 views   Al-Barti asserts that Barzani’s visit was not primarily about the position of President of the Republic, but rather to dispel tension and strengthen solidarity between Kurdish leaders.. At the same time, he revealed an upcoming visit to Baghdad to resolve outstanding issues and end the state of political stalemate.


This visit is matched by cautious anticipation within the Shiite house of what will happen to things .. As the representative of the state of law, Aref Al-Hamami confirms that the expected scenarios during the next stage herald the existence of a solution to the political blockage, especially after the exchange of positive messages between the political parties ..


and the dilemma of forming a government The Sadrist bloc adheres to forming a majority government, with the framework outside its walls. Observers believe that any rapprochement or breakthrough that occurs within any social or political component will reflect positively on the rest of the components.   LINK


Barzani’s Visit To Sulaymaniyah Paves The Way For An End To The “Stalemate” In Kurdistan… Will Its Breeze Reach Baghdad?


Sumerian special  2022-05-23 | 04:24  Source:  Alsumaria news  714 views  Karim added, “The importance of the visit came to break the stalemate in the relationship between the two parties, and worked to build bridges of communication that were cut off several months ago between the Union and the Democratic Party, which will be the beginning of mutual visits between the two parties to Sulaymaniyah and Erbil


He pointed out that “the solution to the problems of the Kurdish house has nothing to do with the problems within the Shiite component, given that the formation of the largest bloc is linked to the other component, and we have an experience in 2018 when the Shiite house united, and although the Kurds entered with two candidates, they did not wait for the Kurds to agree on one candidate.” The vote was taken at that time.”


And he added, “The other matter is related to The National Union Considering that even if the name of one candidate is agreed upon with the Democrat, they will not go with the tripartite alliance, but rather cling to the framework and wait for the end of understandings between the Shiite forces,” stressing that “the dialogues of the Union and the Democratic Party are not limited to the issue of the president of the republic only, there is the file of the region’s elections and a number of From the economic, security and judicial issues.”


For his part, the leader of the  The National Union Kurdistan’s Ghiath Surji said, “Nechirvan’s visit to Sulaymaniyah included discussing the details of the outstanding files, but frankly it did not enter into the details of the differences and no statement was made about the details of the meeting,” noting that “the visit was preliminary to resolving differences and dialogues, leading to a solution to all problems.”


Sorji added in an interview with Alsumaria News, that “the problems are not limited to the issue of the President of the Republic only, but there are files related to the region’s elections, whether it is one district or multiple districts, the status of the Electoral Commission in the region and other files,” noting that “the Union until now.” stick to the president Barham Saleh As a candidate for the position of President of the Republic, there are other issues on which agreements can be reached, including internal and regional challenges and the issue of dialogue withBaghdadAnd he added, ”


The visit in its entirety is a good visit, and it stirred up the political stalemate within the region, and we are optimistic about it, given that Nechirvan Barzani is a figure of political savvy, open and calm.”   LINK

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