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Wednesday Iraq Parliament News Highlights 5-25-22

Al-Sadr’s Deadline Is In A Countdown… And There Are No Signs Of A Consensual Government

Sumerian special  2022-05-25   Source:  Sumerian   635 views  The coordinating framework confirms: Going towards forming a government in opposition to al-Sadr is very difficult.

Twenty days is the period of time remaining until the end of al-Sadr’s deadline for the political forces… The scene, after ten days of the deadline, is still suffering from stagnation of negotiations and difficulty in the negotiations, and there are no indications about the form of the government, whether it is a majority or a consensual one

Ten days have passed since al-Sadr’s deadline set for thirty days, and the political forces are in clear stagnation and there are no signs of a consensual government, which means that the representatives of the blocking third and others will not be able to reach a consensus or a solution without agreement with the Sadrist bloc, and the latter, according to deputies, is also unable to form a majority patriotism


The road towards forming a consensual government is unpaved in front of most political forces. There is a clear rejection by al-Sadr of the form of such governments. It seems that neither the framework nor the allies to save the homeland are able to draw a political map in exchange for Sadrist opposition, as described by MPs  LINK


Expectations To Resolve The Presidential File Soon!


Sumerian special   2022-05-25   Source:   Sumerian   610 views   Kurdish rapprochement thaws “the ice of differences”… Expectations to resolve the presidential file soon.


Amid the charged atmosphere between political circles, the Kurdish House is living in a state of optimism after the recent rapprochement between the two parties The National Union And the Democratic Party, a step that observers see as the beginning of resolving the current crises, especially with regard to the file of the Presidency of the Republic.


After months of political blockage, the Kurdish parties enter a new phase in their relations. The visit of the President of the Region to Sulaymaniyah was the basis for this phase, which was welcomed by the Kurdistan Patriotic Union


The initiative of the regional president is considered by him Kurdistan Democratic Party It is necessary to resolve differences in the main between the two Kurdish parties in addition to the rest of the parties within the region at a time when its leaders emphasize their positive impact on the relationship of the Kurdish parties with each other within the region. Baghdad


The issue of the Presidency of the Republic and the difference of views on the holding of parliamentary elections inKurdistanThese are the most prominent outstanding problems between the two main Kurdish parties, which were discussed in recent meetings .


Despite the positive atmosphere between the Kurdish parties, it may not have a significant impact on their relations with the Kurdish parties Sadrist Movement And the coordination framework, according to observers, is that this rapprochement was mainly limited to the internal issues of the region.   LINK


Al-Sadr Is Preparing To Lead A Resounding Demonstration Similar To The October Uprising


Posted On2022-05-25 By Sotaliraq   Baghdad / Murad Hussein   Since the announcement of the results of the parliamentary elections that took place on October 10 of last year, the political process has witnessed a political blockage as a result of the tripartite alliance not achieving a comfortable majority to form the government, and the same is the case with the coordinating framework forces.


he current crisis, the latest of which is the initiative of the independent representatives, has not led to positive results so far.


The Sadrist movement and its leader Muqtada al-Sadr are waiting for some of the framework forces to join his alliance (save a homeland) from those who are well thought of, according to him, or the Democratic Party has reached an understanding with the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan and included it in the Triple Alliance camp. As for the coordination framework, it seeks to dismantle the tripartite alliance to form the government without the alliance. With al-Sadr, even the independent representatives became the new weighty egg and the only solution party.


With the political movements and initiatives put forward, Al-Sadr broke his silence with a word directed to the coordination framework, which stated in its text, “If you do not fear God, then fear the wrath of the forgiving and the oppressed. And a thousand no.” Observers interpreted his speech as an implicit indication of the launch of new demonstrations that may occur in the coming days.


A “new tent” for Sadr in Baghdad


A leader in the Sadrist movement, who refused to reveal his name, confirmed in an interview with (Al-Mada), that “in the coming days there will be large demonstrations throughout the country,” noting that “it will be a new revolution similar to October (2019), but it will be resounding for all political forces.”


He added, “These demonstrations will start before al-Sadr goes to the street and put his tent in the capital, Baghdad, because there is a great popular resentment against the independent representatives who have been involved in political movements and parties.”


He explained, “The political money in winning independent representatives and buying their debts is what will push the street to these demonstrations,” accusing “the forces of the coordination framework of buying the debts of the independent representatives and winning them over to the blocking third.”


New and mighty October


Regarding the disintegration of the Triple Alliance and the fact that some of its forces went to the coordination framework for forming a government, the leader of the Sadrist movement, who refused to reveal his identity, asserts that “the Triple Alliance is based on data and pillars that cannot be changed, and it will remain coherent and will not go towards forming a government with other forces.”


And he continues, “The recent rapprochement between the Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Patriotic Union will reflect positively on the tripartite alliance, and it may be the beginning of deciding the position of the President of the Republic and passing it through the House of Representatives.”


In turn, political analyst Ali Al-Baydar confirmed in an interview with Al-Mada that “the convergence of views between the Democratic Union and the Union is expected because there are great commonalities between the two parties, and this will lead to solving the president’s crisis.”


Al-Baydar explained, “The party that benefits from the rapprochement will be the tripartite alliance if it is invested correctly, as it has the numerical majority in the House of Representatives, and thus achieves the formation of the government,” noting that “the role of the coordination framework and the National Union in the event the government is formed by the tripartite coalition will be non-existent and weak.”


And he indicated, “The parties that existed during the October Revolution (2019) cannot be called independent,” noting that “the term independent has become used to refer to Shiite parties that are outside the Sadrist movement and the coordinating framework.”


He pointed out that “the demonstrations of the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, which may start in the coming days, will not be supported by the masses, as it is a demand for private gains, and the Iraqi street is beginning to realize this.”


Al-Baydar noted that “a new October will spark from the central and southern governorates in a new way, and it will be overwhelming because the one that preceded it was just a test,” as he put it.


Anarchy fears” rear its head


Head of the Irtiqa Center for Research and Studies, Abbas Al-Ardawi, said in an interview with Al-Mada that “the demonstrations and protests demanding services and employment opportunities for graduates have not stopped, as they are present in all governorates.”


Al-Ardawi pointed out that “there is a movement among the parties that have power at the present time to create a kind of chaos by launching protests and demonstrations in the coming days to ensure their survival in power.”


He added, “These demonstrations are warned by the coordination framework, as they are prepared in advance, and seek to create a kind of chaos in the street to achieve narrow political gains.”


Regarding the independent representatives and the street’s resentment against them, Al-Ardawi stated that “the involvement of some independent deputies within the political parties and movements generated a kind of resentment and resentment against them by the Iraqi street.”   LINK


Document.. The Iraqi Parliament Allocates Its Next Session To Vote On A Law Banning Normalization With Israel


Shafaq News/ The Iraqi parliament is preparing, on Thursday, to vote on a law banning normalization with Israel.


The meeting’s agenda included, according to a document obtained by Shafak News Agency, “the vote on the proposed law banning normalization and establishing relations with the Zionist entity.”


Last Thursday (May 19), the Iraqi parliament completed a report and discussion of a proposed law banning normalization and establishing relations with Israel, which aims to prevent the establishment of any kind of relations with it.


The “Save a Homeland” bloc, the largest coalition in the Iraqi parliament, had earlier submitted a draft law to the parliament’s presidency that stipulates “criminalizing normalization with Israel.”


It is noteworthy that Iraq does not establish any relations with “Israel”, and the majority of Iraqi political forces reject normalization with it.   LINK


The Framework Talks About “Surprises” And Studies The Renewal Of Al-Kazemi In Exchange For “Guarantees”: The Rules Of Engagement Differ


Shafaq News/ An informed source in the comprehensive coordinating framework of Shiite forces revealed, on Tuesday, options that he said he had to solve the existing political crisis, including the renewal of the current prime minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi.


The source told Shafaq News Agency, “The coordinating framework forces are intensifying their efforts to reach understandings that may lead to the formation of the government before the end of the thirty-day opposition deadline set by the leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr.”


He explained that “the understandings with the actors and influencers in the digital equation have reached advanced stages.”


And regarding the unification of the “Shiite House”, the source indicated that “the attempts of the coordinating framework forces in this are continuing, but so far they have not yielded anything,” adding, “This did not prevent the intensification of dialogues and discussions with influential and effective political parties in the digital equation for forming the government, including Independent representatives, a large number of whom have joined the coordination framework, not to mention other forces from the Sovereignty Alliance.


The source spoke, “about the comfort that the framework has in forming a parliamentary front that secures half plus one for it,” noting that “there is a parliamentary movement led by the framework towards holding a parliamentary session with a full quorum, next week or the next, which is concerned with naming the president of the republic to end the most important chapter of the blockage. political”.


The source said, “The framework studies several options to end the crisis in forming the government, including renewing the mandate of the outgoing Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, as he provided documented guarantees that obligate him to implement a service government program that achieves the aspirations of the street away from partisan and factional interests and other obligations that are in the interest of the country, meaning Another is that Al-Kazemi may be the framework candidate for prime minister, given that the rules of engagement differed from the previous ones.


He pointed out that “the framework is making great efforts in order to maintain community peace and prevent the use of the street as a means of pressure on some parties to pass its project.”


The political scene is in a state of chronic political obstruction, in light of Muqtada al-Sadr’s insistence on forming a national majority government, while the Shiite coordination framework and the forces allied with it adhere to forming a coalition government that nominates the prime minister from the largest social component, and they mean the (Shiite component).


The initiatives launched by the leader of the Sadrist movement and the framework did not succeed in resolving the political scene, while the independent representatives in Parliament also launched an initiative, but it also did not succeed in resolving the talismans of the complex political scene, while the political scene awaits a Kurdish initiative from the leader of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, Massoud Barzani, who Previously, in a scene similar to the current situation, he succeeded in launching an initiative that moved stagnant water and contributed to the formation of an Iraqi government led at the time by Nuri al-Maliki.   LINK

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