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Indonesia is ready to develop its trade relations with Iran

During his meeting with Hamdan Governor, Economic Affairs and Human Resources Rida Al-Din, Alimeddin added that his country extends its cooperation to the officials of Hamadan province to develop the tourism sector and transform this Iranian province into a tourist attraction in the world thanks to its embrace of archeological sites and unique natural sites.

The Indonesian ambassador, near the border between Hamdan province and the capital Tehran, also considered an advantage for Indonesia’s trade and investment in the province, referring to oil and gas projects in the southern Iranian city of Ahwaz, where Indonesian investors are still willing to participate.

During the meeting, Alimuddin described his country as a business partner worthy of Iran in the field of exporting medicinal herbs, meat products and palm oil.

“We support Indonesian investors who are willing to invest in our province and are ready to provide all their requirements for activating their projects within the province,” Hamda Governor Hamza Rada Qatim said.

The historical footprint of Hamdan province, which extends to 700 years, has been marked by archeological landmarks and a tourist, cultural and religious character that is striking to the attention of foreign tourists.

According to the mining sources in the province, a record of one billion and 700 million reserves of mining rocks, including rocks used in the construction of buildings and iron and rocks and zinc and 18 kinds of precious stones.

Hamdan’s assistant for economic affairs and human resources pointed out that the high prestige of handicrafts in the province of Hamdan, including the leather industry, hand-made carpets, sofas, studs and clay, which is internationally renowned and famous especially in Europe and the United States, as well as the province’s production of nuts and raisins and the export of these products to all regions of the world. Source