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While attending an international rock & gem show over the weekend, I heard a convo between a gentleman from Zimbabwe and a woman from Brazil.

Apparently many people throughout the world are aware of the Zim revaluing.

There is no talk of bonds or the IMF, it is simply an increase in value of their currency.

It appeared to be common knowledge throughout the world.

When I asked if I could join their conversation the gentleman laughed and said “Yes, you Americans have been buying up all our money.”

He went on to tell me they are very excited about their new wealth and they are already seeing increases in the value in parts of the country.

He said many changes have been taking place recently, including many new opportunities for their people.

The woman from Brazil said several of her family members held currency and they were excited about the change in value too.

There is other info I’m not comfortable discussing at this time, but please know it is good.