In Jeff

March of last year…Iraq introduced us to the Financial Management Law…it’s a tool that will be used to commission the rate change…this first article is an older one from March 20, 2019: “Parliamentary move to raise the price of the dinar and maintain the stability of inflation” They explain the Financial Administration Law to us and how it’s…a tool used to commission the rate change.  Let’s look at the article from yesterday Article:   “The Government and parliament are considering approving two budgets” One for the remainder of this year and one for next year of 2021.Quote: “…expressing his belief there will be no federal budget for the year of 2020 and the government will complete this year according to the Financial Management Law.”

This is huge…the Financial Management Law – that is the tool used to commission the rate change…they’re telling you they’re about to restructure their budget for the second half of this year under the guidance and control of the Financial Management Law…see how huge this is?…notice how they brought you the “White Papers”.  Also notice how they went into great detail about reviewing the exchange rate and notice how they’re doing this as they’re finishing the first half of their year approaching the second half of their year. September is red hot…this article is amazing.