In Jeff 

Iraq in ’17…almost 3 years ago they performed a test. They unpegged from the dollar and went to a currency assortment basket…historically over the last 100 years the Iraq dinar the high side of it was about $4.20 the low side was about $2.50…Over the last 100 years the Iraq dinar has not gone below $2 bucks. This is a reinstatement.  That means they’re going to put the value of the Iraq dinar back to where it was…a restoration of it. It devalued in 2004 against the dollar at $3.22…today we’re in the year of 2020.  So here we are 15 years later…because of…the facts and variable…how it’s a reinstatement…the high point/low point over the last 100 years. I’m of the opinion…the rate is going to be very close to or around $3.80.