In Jeff 

Everything is looking really good right now but everything that…has to do with money nothing has been started yet. Why?  What are we waiting for here? It’s Iraq’s economics and really the movement of money. It’s a game of dominoes…the first domino that has to fall is that the rate has to change.  That’s what they’re showing you. The rate has to change. Kurdistan and Baghdad can’t even reach their agreement, they can’t even start the approval process of the 2020 budget, they can’t even approve the reforms, they can’t even start those 8.2 billion dollars worth of agreements…it’s a game of dominoes waiting on the rate change…I’m excited right now. I really do feel this is the perfect storm. This storm could not be more perfect for Iraq to actually change the rate…everything that has to do with money is literally on standby/on hold. It’s waiting for something.