In Jeff 

No one knows what the rates going to be…I feel the true final rate will be around $3.80.  that’s my opinion. I want to put out a possibility…Iraq devalued their currency to get 3 zero notes out of circulation in Iraq.  They could do something similar to that for you and I.  They could release a sucker rate of 1 to 1…They did it for 90 days in Iraq with the devaluation – I think they’ll do this 1 to 1 sucker rate again for 90 days.  You’re gonna want to pay attention…after that 90 days that’s when they would hike it…around Sunday June 20th.

What should you do with the one dollar sucker rate? Most people will have some quick bills they have to pay so a simple recommendation maybe just go exchange…just enough money to keep your head above water…and then once the rate goes up to a higher mark after the 90 days then you can go cash out the bulk of it. But even after 90 days the rate can still go higher than that so I don’t recommend rushing this thing.  You have to remain patient with it.

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